Current Modder base

I’m still around. I’m not too comfortable with putting a number to things, but I’ve hit all three roles and done the level 7 stuff to varying degrees.

My efforts are generally focused on Homeworld:@, but I’m usually willing to at least lend some advice to those who need it, and sometimes more.

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I’ll edit the first post to be more clear and friendly about the levels, not requesting anyone to qualify, just using the scale as a basis. It will be done in some minutes, I have to finish other things first.

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I’m pretty sure you’re 7.

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Alright, that makes more sense.
Does anyone care for my update? If by a chance yes, then:

Pouk - REARM V2 mod (author) - The main aim is ship making, but also map making and addition of new weapons (preferably with new FX). I’m persistent, so you can be sure I’ll stick around and get something done.
Also I would welcome anyone who can model and texture, no modding skills required whatsoever. Or a tallented map maker (which would be a Level 5).



While it’s way outside the thread’s scope, I’d say that:
Level 8 - Someone with experience with engines as Unity3D, Unreal4, or Cryengine…
Level 9 - Someone capable of making his own game, or a game dev in his area

I think @sirshelley would be lvl 9. He’s not active on the forum, but he is sort of around HWRM modding.


No idea what the picture is for but those levels sound a bit far out for this thread.

Oh yeah it’s an absolute offtopic, I’m aware of that… The pic is a screencap from a film The Nines with Ryan Reynolds (it wasn’t a very good film, but you could see the numbers above people’s head in the trailer).

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Makes… A bit more sense. :slight_smile:

Well, it might be on a level of some inside joke or an obscure film reference…

The thing I was going for was, that normal people in that film, just like the scale in this thread, could be the Level 7 top, that was the maximum.
But the main guy was on the Level 9.

Basically, in both the movie and here, everyone has levels, max level is 7, but if you continued the scale you could get up to 9, to someone with “extraordinary powers” beyond our scope.
That was the “joke”.

I’ll shut up now… :slight_smile:

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No, you’re fine! :wink:

Not after my last fight with HWR’s LUA code, lol.

It’s not all of the options, just either of them. You model and texture, that qualifies you.

Ohh, I figured that was covered under level 1. Hey @Chimas you might want to separate those two out. Plenty of us can model and texture but are clueless around code. :slight_smile:

I actually wouldn’t IMHO.
Hear me out: Level 7 is the full modder, someone who knows his part of the job with no external help. Someone who you’d want on the team, because after you (maybe collectively) figure out what you want, what your mod needs, then he goes off by his own, shows some progress and then he’s done with great looking or perfectly working result.

Whether that part is ship making (from start to finish) or scripting is secondary.

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Good point.

I do give you that there is an overlap, two separate scales merging into one. One is modelling and texturing with no modding experience, or as you mentioned the HWC modding experience, the other one is handling the new ways of HWRM modding. You are right about that.
But in this context i’m fine with it, we’re on the HWRM forum.

Thanks for shout out , got notified via email.

Awesome topics as usual Pouk :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not active on GBX forums, I’m aim to be once the next code structure update is released.

Anywho , yesh I’m working with Mjoilnir on …things :). And currently trying to get an open source dx11 engine base 100% running for people to mess with.(I’m sticking with ‘Wowe’ engine for now)

My love of homeworld hasn’t wavered however :D.


Love of homework?

I feel all of this level stuff is rather arbitrary. The thing is that in Homeworld modding, out of necessity, there’s a lot of one-man projects, but is that really a good thing? I wouldn’t say a given modder is “better” because they can do all tasks related to the things that come to mind when someone mentions a homeworld mod - e.g. adding a new race.

In an ideal world, but even real game development, everyone’s a specialist to the point where balancing, gameplay design and level design are different areas. The same applies to programming, art etc. I personally think that for a quality product, mods included it is beneficial to have a team of specialists, which is why that’s how I organized the Rebirth mod team.

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Good luck finding texturers.

There’s no conflict here. Your specialist would still be 7. Someone who can make ships. Or someone who can code.
The thing is if you want to put together a functioning mod team, you need at least one “7”, otherwise you’ll get either a project with a lot of gray never to be textured models, or a balance mod (that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that’s all it’s gonna be).

It’s not that one is “better”, because they can do all tasks well, that wasn’t even the point, it was a “multiple choice” ladder.
The scale clearly starts from very basics and ends at doing one thing decently. Not on “I can build the whole mod by my own”. That’s why there’s no conflict.

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