Current Planned Build?

Any criticisms? I planned out the build to make the most out of the skill bonuses given with celestial lawbringer as well as making good use of the Luck Cannon

Moved to the right spot. You might also want to have a look through some of the resources in this thread if you haven’t done so already. Nisha is not my strong point, so I’ll duck out now.

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OMG I didn’t realize they added class mods to this site. :+1:

That build looks alright… I’m no min-maxer, but I’d use that.

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Looks really good.

You should find a point to spend in impatience. You will reload the luck cannon every 2 shots, you need all the reload speed you can get.

Probably pick it from unchained. It’s one of my favorite skills but it does very little to help the luck cannon.

Thank you kindly everyone! I greatly appreciate the feedback, hope you all are ready for BL3!

I feel unchained is waste since fire rate doesnt benefit luck cannon, make quickshot 10/5 instead and spend the 3 extra points on something you’d like.