Current "skins" and heads system is boring. Why not trick it out? Add new "outfit" or "vocals" categories

Long title I know - I wasn’t sure how to make it clear what I was talking about in a more concise way.

Regardless - dang, it is 2020 y’all! Why the heck don’t you have outfits?!! By outfits I mean for example, change Mose’s weird hybrid “uniform” into a form-fitting catsuit or Trinity-esque duster and t-shirt. Another example would be to change Fl4k’s gross hobo attire to a shiny terminator form or some kind of mecha. With Fl4K you could even market a female form with entirely new dialogue.

Additionally, you could offer more vocals - packs that stack on to the existing “flavor dialogue” that occurs during play so you get more variety OR completely new vocals that change the character’s personality to a large degree - like a HAL 9000 voice pack for Fl4K or a over-the-top pirate voice pack for Zane (comboed with an outfit maybe?).

The point is, the current system is in a word - kind of lame. Not the art - that is great, the skins you offer ARE visually pleasing, but in today’s market they seem VERY VERY simple and bland.

I would ABSOLUTELY pay for options to make my character more visually appealing, funnier, or hell just DIFFERENT from the next guy. It seems silly that you guys don’t invest a little time in developing stuff like this and selling it.


I am a little surprised that no one has made a comment. I know for a FACT that there was a large contingent of folks that HATED the way FL4K looked upon release.

Maybe any folks that would be interested in actual character customization have left the game already?