Current State of Formations?

So, I don’t currently have a computer that can run HW:R (my gaming computer is gone), so I was wondering…I know there were talks of fixing the formations in HW1. Has that happened yet, or is that still in the planning phase?

Hasn’t happened yet. Some of the recent updates contain evidence they’ve been fiddling with the relevant parts of the code, but nothing massively visible yet.

We aren’t fixing them. If you’d care to ask about what we’re working on, I imagine there’s stuff we could share relating to HW1/HW2 together which may pertain to areas you have concern for.

Hi Bit. To be clear and not have this taken incorrectly out of context, have efforts to implement a similar working system comparable to HW1 style formations ceased?

Not in the least bit. I spent virtually the entire weekend working on my part of that task - and others are at it with me (at the code level) as well. The current plan is in its infancy, but is going to kick butt if we don’t hit any major blockers. So far, looking great though.


I meant “fixing” as in “having formations that work in some way like the original HW1 formations did” as opposed to currently, where ships don’t stay in the given formations assigned to them.

So to be clear, there are still plans to implement formations at least somewhat similar to the original HW ones? (I understand making them work exactly the same is probably impossible, but I’d just like the ships to stay in some kind of formation when it’s assigned to them, whether or not it works the same as it used to.)

Thanks! (Also, thank you so much for all the work you do…I hope I didn’t come across as complaining or accusing you of breaking anything. You [the whole team] really has done a great job, and I’m extremely thankful for the work y’all have put into it!)


Ok Great! Just wanted to head off seeing that post alone on reddit without context.

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Yes and No. And I am not trying to be cryptic - but we’ve had quite a few runs at this feature… with a few really nasty false-starts (Oh the post-mortem articles we’ll eventually write for gaming websites…). But for now, the current plan is MUCH better than an idealized HW1 or HW2 - but still along the same lines. I just don’t want to comment further until we’re out of the woods on the massive delta we’re knee deep in.

I admit to being a bit… sensitive to this sort of question (anything that says ‘fixed’) - because so many people (mostly on Steam) assert things that are insane or just plain dumb. As forum posts (usually) lack any indicators of tone, I frequently read them with a ‘covered in cheetos dust’ accent. So I really do appreciate your response, and apologize for taking the initial request in a manner it wasn’t mean.


Thanks for the reply! And I totally understand you being sensitive…I haven’t been around a whole lot, but I’ve seen enough to know that a lot of people have been jerks to you developers throughout this whole process. Consider your apology accepted lol :slight_smile:

Also, is the new formation code going to be released in a patch, or as part of a mod at first? (Or, is that still up in the air at this point?)

I eagerly await any information you can share about the new formations when the time comes! :wink:

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By definition it’ll be a patch. Because this is a MASSIVE delta at the code level. Mods can’t even dream of doing what we’re attempting right now.


Just call it an EPIC UPGRADE! :slight_smile:

Since I know you don’t like referring to its current state as “broken” and “needs fixing”.

Cant wait!! … But I will cos I know it’ll be worth it, and ya’ know, got no choice.

Still no formations? That’s the biggest problem with the HW1 Remastered. Without the formations this makes the game loose it’s way. What a disappointment. Luckily i can have full game experience on the original version.
Homeworld 1 Lan? Do i see it somewhere? Hell no, when clicking multiplayer tab there is no longer no option for the lan. Luckily i have old retail version of HW still intact. (if anyone would like to play HW1 online hit me up on GR or tunggle.)
Since i’m on Fedora right now and I’m too lazy to make another thread i might as well write few things that I’ve noticed on Wine.
HwRM on Wine, I’ve lost the lights. Is there any component that i haven’t downloaded or installed?
HW2 works fine Graphics needed a bit tweaking, RU count was lost to the top.
HW1 is a bit odd few graphics works on windowed mode.(on side note HW1.05 runs… perfectly) I don’t expect problem solving answer for that tho. Wine just could be failing with a certain thing.

Well, I’ve played some of the first missions in the HW1 campaign, but then decided that I’d wait a little longer before going further along in the campaign. At least until the major bugs are worked out. I still remember that bug (now solved) that caused an instant CTD when a cryo tray being loaded was destroyed in mission 3…

The question I’d really like to ask @BitVenom is a very simple “when” about this formation rework, but I know that he cannot answer that :wink: .
So I’ll try a different question: if everything goes according to plan (and this is a BIG if, I know), how faithful will the new formation behavior be to the original HW1C behavior? Somewhat more faithful? Practically undistinguishable?

And finally let me say a loud “great job” to all of the HWR staff. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of post-release support with a game. Absolutely amazing :+1: .

I don’t think it will be like HW1C, I think it will be… Different…

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I agree. The question is: how different?

Formations and Tactics YAAAY!

Any news relating to this makes me happy. Doesn’t matter if it’s not “the same” since we have hw1 and 2 using formations differently from their conception. Makes sense vanilla formations wouldn’t be feasible, who cares? Formations and Tactics! YAY.

Good luck with the quest, we’ll just be here…lurking.

I’m also excited about what is in store for formations and tactics. The current “blob up” that occurs with Frigates and other capitol ships that happens when they attack a single target is rather lack luster. However, I love the HW2 strike craft style, so I hope there is a way to mix both HW1 and HW2 together into the best of both worlds.

I very much miss the multi-ship targeting ability of HW1 ships. It’s completely absent from HW2 and HWRM. It was a huge part of strategy and tactics, not to mention the realism of the game. This was always considered a major step backwards.


I shoot at surroundings and I shoot at secondaries doesn’t allow multi ship targeting?

Not by default. Not nearly as effectively as HW1. Banding a group of enemy ships only gets targeting of one ship at a time. The ships don’t default to multiple targets.