Current unnamed build

Was using my Let it (IT BEING EXPLOSIONS!!!) Go build but been playing around for general usage for her since all in all she seems kinda restricted either against ice baddies, perks come from using snipers more, or co-op play.

Gear is
Proactive Fatale (50)
Tl’kope Razorback (50)
Merek’s Mouth (50)
Bloody Oath Boganella (50)

Avalanche with Reogenator for backup (both 50 but haven’t needed it)

Celestial Baroness (50)
Sticky Lobbed Cryo singularity (till I can find me a 50 four seasons which is my favorite)

3DD1.E (49)

All in all so far a solid fitting setup, nice survive rate due to cryo healing you and shield just being awesome with her. Guns them selves hold nicely without alot of buffs, prolly cause of the possibility of doing cryo themselves even being non-elemntal. And the Boganella is a perfect contrast to Aurelias personality.

Give it a go you mugs, lemme know if anyone think of something that could make this brilliant.

Judging by your gear and initial set-up, I’d probably go with something like this:

As a Celestial Baroness not running snipers, 5/5 in Markswoman and Only the best is probably good enough. If you’re only specced into Bitter Reposte for freezing then 5/5 is probably fine since it freezes pretty well, and with 9/5 in Avalanche you’re pretty much guaranteed to freeze with enough stacks. Plus, you can use the extra points to max out Whiteout, Frostbite, and Cold Advance (or Winter Veil / Frigid Touch; whatever you prefer), since they aren’t boosted by the COM.

Solid build overall. I hope you’re having fun with it!!

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Yeah I planned on tweaking once done with tvhm cause of the blasted dialogues spots where you cant skip and avalanche just kept dropping away from me, but thank you for the input.