Currently, either Firestorm needs to be buffed or Krakatoa needs to be Nerfed

I love the firestorm over the Krakatoa because of its scope and ability to snipe. However, the krakatoa’s absurd damage makes using anything else laughable.

I can currently hit over 1mill crit with it, without any stacks, on moze.

Also, the fact that the firestorm’s secondary AOE ability doesn’t scale with single hit damage also needs to be fixed so it scales with weapon damage and so it can become usable. I’ve done tests, and it doesn’t scale. Whether crit, base, or boosted incendiary wep damage: the aoe isn’t scaling.


Krakatoa’s buff is really weird. Instead of making the gun’s identity stands out the dev just slapped a massive damage buff, the result is a mutated sniper that does insane damage while the passive might as well not exist.


Volcano is buffed by Moze Blast Master COM. It can cause real damage to large groups if they are a little clustered. Fire Storm can also shoot the ground and kill mobs.

You still have to kill a mob for it which is near useless for bossing especially something like graveward/Tyreen who make flying mobs.

On top of the volcano that can actually kill you.

Because the huge damage currently it is better to just ignore the fact it spawns volcanos and straight hitting on bosses.

It’s good at what it does it doesn’t have to have everything about it being good for every single thing. It’s direct damage is already plenty good for bossing and the special effect is great in mobbing. Whats the issue?

because it lost it’s core identity.

I’d say something like redistributor is better designed because on paper it has “poor” damage, but it really shines with its excellent passive. It is known for a chain mechanism like brainstormer.

Krakatoa is known as “big damage sniper, oh a small volcano bonus”, it really doesnt stand out with its passive.

Only because Zane’s Barrier has the funky interaction of chaining every shot instead of every 7th. GITM and Moze’s Cloud of Lead have similar interactions. But if we didn’t have these most likely unintended interactions happening how important do you think that every 7th shot chain would really be?

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Its still very good even without barrier because if you shoot fast enough (say Moze with bottemless mag) the chains still chain back to itself doing more damage.

Brainstormer is doing similar thing and is highly desirable because of it, on any char really.

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Snipers from what I seen in this game needs the big damage. They feel underwhelming and Krak feels pretty good. Yeah it can be a bit overkill with the damage it can do but it’s a needed buff. I for one getting bit tired of the nerf especially after what happen to Ion Cannon. It got hit hard and only usable with ammo regen-like builds.

If anything Snipers should be near Krak power or bump up their unique talents


Krakatoa can do just fine with 9k damage and trigger based volcano or better volcano on kill. That way its still a sniper with its identity intact rather than “hur dur huge damage”. People might come up more imaginative builds around it.


Well I agree here…

Every other sniper rifle is useless now in comparison. Why take ANY sniper rifle that does 30k-50k damage on a crit when I can take a freakin krotatoa and do over 1mill single shot with it.

Its kinda absurd, like I have to tone down the difficulty just so different weapons are viable knowing full well I can single shot the bosses on a lower Mayhem difficulty. Its like going trying to get swole by lifting a 1lb weight over and over again: there’s no challenge, no growth, and its a pointless waste of time.

If anything, krakatoa should be nerfed slightly and every sniper rifle should be buffed to be equally viable to some degree. Even monocle, which is supposed to be the best legendary for crits, only does a fraction of the damage compared to even the krakotoa’s base on-hit damage. Sure, there’s a charge up but the krakotoa can go full auto while you have to aim with a monocle to do a mediocre amount of comparable damage.

Have you tried Skullmasher, Cocky Bastard, and the Unseen Threat yet? Very very good snipers that also hit in the millions. Also the Wedding Invitation is still uber strong even 53 vs 57. The Firestorm I’ve had hitting just as hard in different builds. Regular Storm has it’s uses as well. The Headsplosion is another one that’s very good but you need a high end damage roll on it.

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WELL, those are all dlc snipers and I havn’t done the DLC’s just yet. I guess I should have expected all the op weps to be in the dlc’s lol. figures

Yeah that’s a good point I suppose many of the strongest stuff is locked behind DLC’s.

I thought it existed just to down you after you one shot all enemies and then go to loot and get hit by volcano only to have no enemies around to revive yourself.

This seems like a pretty selfish thing to ask for


Well it is a good thing that they buffed the Krakatoa before this weapon was instant garbage. It is becoming quite absurd if people complain that weapons are useless and then complain again when said weapons are buffed. Also people needs to stop acting like they are forced to use the meta ’ x is so strong why use anything else ’ with argument like that you are stuck using the handful of meta weapons forever. Then there are still legendary items that are nearly unusable in m4 I don t firestorm is one of them though


There’s literally no need for any sniper to be Krak level, there are snipers with way less base damage which are still going to oneshot most things in the game if you are scoring crits. The Krak (alongside the Lob and Hellshock) is just an inorganic win-button gun due to being given a lazy 500% buff instead of being designed as a top DPS gun from the ground up (with appropriate weaknesses) like the Cutsman or Lyuda, or having its strength built around its special effect. The Lob, Hellshock and Krakatoa feel like modded weapons in how they are designed.

The problem with such weapons is they invalidate the special synergies classes have which can subvert the weaknesses of weapons designed around extreme DPS, which in turn contributes to their identity. Moze was unique with the Lyuda because of her ability to spam it without running empty, but who cares now that the Krakatoa has twice the DPS and has won’t run out of ammo on anyone?


The vocano only use it to kill yourself.

you need to play m4 on tvhm and try snipers there you almost never 1 shot any thing other than hard trash mobs eg mobs with only health and thats on sniper based fl4k the sheer amount of shields health and amor makes most snipers kinda bad remember I said most purple maliwan jakobs dahl and hyperion snipers not just three or four legendary snipers excluding the Krakatoa tankmans shield built for it on bottomless mags moze is a joke even after the buff its a battle rifle in a sniper skin not an actual sniper