Currently OP7, looking for people to play with


I’m currently OP7 and was wondering if anyone was interested in grouping up to play. If your interested send me a friend request/message.

PSN ID: dostlfan5

Were you looking to go up some OP levels ?
I’m already OP8 but if you don’t mind me already being max I’ll give you a hand c:

Hey man just saw this, I actually had someone message me and we got all the way to OP7, but if your willing to help me through the last 2 that would be awesome. Just send me a friend request and ill message you if we’re both on at the same time. ( I will be out of town this weekend) Thanks

PSN: dostlfan5

Sounds good to me, My friend who doesn’t use the forums that I play a fair bit with is currently OP2 so if it’s okay with you I’d like him to join in and hit two birds with one stone know what I’m saying c: