Currently state of GPU´s / voltage - PC RESTARTS / FIXED ON 2 DIFERENT RIGS

Guys. I had this problem for a few weeks before i finally was able to fix it. 2 diferents rigs same problem fixed.

After deep investigation ( i dont wanna link all the troubles and fixes that i tried and it didnt work ) i started my own. first by gettin info of you guys ( yall posting here helped a F ton ) , anyways let me say what i did that fixed on both pcs.


PC 1 - i5 6600k - asus z170 - 16 gb dd4 ram 2400 ( oc to 3000 ) - evga 1060 (Superclocked ***** )
ocz 650 full modular 80 bronze

PC 2 - ryzen 3600 - asus B450 prime - 16gb ddr4 3200 - RX 5700 XT ( OC BIOS ******) cooler master 700W modular bronze.

Now. after checkin both my pc´s what u guys see in comum ? the freackin OC GPU. after goin deep into some report/error logs that i created myself i was able to find some crazy energy spikes that OC bios and the boost system that most of cards/people enable it or it comes enable from their factory or whatever they come from.

IDK WHY but borderlands seems to be pushin our GPU´s to their extreme max .
bottom line. I undervoltded ( forgive if this word is out of this world. english is not my first language not even my second one either way ) i undervolted both my GPU. tweaked them both by a little and its been 5 days 10hr a day played with no crashes whatsoever! i was looking for some other things and found that a LOT of ppl come to this problem and have no idea what to do to fix it. Maybe this new tip ill help yall. GL guys

i play as amara. recursion ricochet. it basically brokes the game by
it self coz its TOO much on the screen. still no crashes.

I had similar issues with the game crashing during combat with Amara and I was also getting horrible coil whine and high GPU temps my RTX2070 super, both during combat and in static menus like the start screen.

I’ve since capped the frame rate to half my monitor refresh rate (72 fps) and now I can play for hours with no more coil whine or GPU heat issues, and no crashes.