Curse of Alani, that last bit of Lore

All of my characters are level 20 now, only one peice of Kelvin lore left and this from Alani. (Below)
I’ve been trying for weeks, nothing changes these numbers, even the things I did to get them in the past:

I have a lot of trouble with Alani’s lore too… I got the master title randomly awarded when I got my fourth challenge completed, but I only have 18/25 of Lifeguards and haven’t seemed to get any in the last week using bots battle even though I had gotten some in similar scenarios previously. It just seems really glitchy and random as to whether it registers. edit: For your Wellspring healing, take white or green skill damage gear, heal power gear and take the helix upgrade on Wellspring, then just look around for people with low health, you should be reliably getting 800 a heal after you take the Helix upgrade and have your gear up. I didn’t have too much trouble with that one once I started building for it.


I already did it on one of my accounts, this account seems broken.

That lore is seriously screwed up. I haven’t finished it either, but after one of the patches I logged in and the game randomly awarded me the achievement for finishing her lore. After that it seemed to be frozen at whatever number it was at and wouldn’t budge.

So I just gave up on it. shrug

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…Yup, you worded it for me…Not budging.

The middle one is tough after her nerfs but I can confirm that it can be done (because we got all 50).

Basically she had to have all the heal+ helixes and a healing given+ gear. I took Kelvin (no shield) with healing received + gear. Alani had to be level 6 or 7 before she was able to heal big enough (need 3 stacks before wellspringing).

Went to the archive and basically farmed the varelsi spawn cave. Sat there and let the Scavens hurt me until I was about 1000 health down then she topped me off and refilled her stacks onw hatever was around. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Took about 20 minutes.

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I’m gonna go ahead and necro this thread to see if anybody else has any ideas. (There are dozens of threads on this topic, we don’t REALLY need another)

I’ve read every last bloody thing written about the LIFEGUARDS HAVE GIVEN UP lore challenge that has been written on these forums. A lot of info is contradictory but I have internalized it anyways.

Despite all that, my wife has been stuck on 3/25 for months and I’m at 0/25 for affecting 5 players with riptide.

One limitation we have is that we do not have PS+ so we can’t rope others in and have to rely on being lucky with the AI (a steep mountain, I know).

Can anyone guarantee that Deande’s holotwin counts? If so then we can do it on the Heliophage with AI-Melka/AI-Deande/Player-Alani/Player-Deande/Holo-Deande.
Or if Ernest’s Egg counts? Same sitch.

I know that without PS+ we cannot enter the public games but do you know if we can play private matches with other players who party up? If so then maybe I could try to rope in some help.

Honestly, I’m looking for any sort of ideas because it is at the point where the players (us) have nearly given up, let alone the bloody lifeguards.