Cursed pirates vs. skiffs

Very random question, but since I’m doing Scarlett’s again right now it came to mind;
What does a cursed pirate do to a sand skiff?
I’ve never actually had a cursed pirate appear anywhere a skiff, I have [counting] 101 pimpernels ( all “legitimately” farmed since I play on Xbox and am too lazy to figure out modding there) so I’ve had enough opportunities for this to happen and haven’t seen it, wondering if anyone else has.

Does the CP syphon health from the skiff as it does to a VH?

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I can’t think of a single location where you could get a skiff close enough to a cursed pirate. I think the closest would be a Witch Doctor - which I think we’ve all had instantly destroy our vehicle. Hard to tell if it’s stealing health though.

It’s been a while since I did this dlc, but isn’t there a cursed pirate in the area where you have to pick up that fruit? And possibly also in the area where you exit to Magny’s Lighthouse? If there are… then you should be able to lure them outside to where you’ve got a skiff parked.

Another longshot, and I’m really reaching here, is to get on that turret in Hayter’s Folly and test it there. You’d have to prevent the turret from getting destroyed by the other enemies, and you’ll also have to lure the cursed pirate to it, so… Enjoy! :roll_eyes:

Wow! That felt like sniping with 600 anarchy stacks. Swing, and a miss! Let us know if you find anything useful!


I’m pretty sure I know a spot, and I’m always down for something like this, please hold. :smiley:

edit - they take swipes at it and get health normally (totally destroyed the skiff too).

For fun, there were two of them, and I had Thoughlock Maya, so I set themselves on each other… not as damaging as I thought.

If you want to try this, there are two guaranteed out of that one shack on the tall hoodoo in Oasis where the Vault Symbol is… wake 'em up, and kite them over to the Catch A Ride.


Yup, that was the spot I was gonna suggest. I believe that’s where you go for the Whiskey quest???

That’s it.

Excellent sleuthing, thanks very much for answering this Burning Question!