[Custom] 4th Skill Tree for Krieg the Psycho (SADISM)


Mutual Suffering 0/4
+8% Damage Output
+5% Damage Taken

Self-Inflicted 0/1
+10% Damage Output
Each time you kill an enemy, you lose 2% of your health

Leech 0/5
Damaging an enemy via a melee attack restores 1% of your health

Possessed 0/1
After being respawned from death:
+100% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.

Desperation 0/5
+10% Melee Attack Speed

Injustice 0/5
+9% Gun Damage while your health is 50% or lower.

Divine Curse 0/1
Melee attacks have a +1% chance of dealing +1900% damage

Pins and Needles 0/5
Melee attacks have a 4% chance of slagging an enemy.

Cannibalism 0/5
+10% of your health is restored upon a kill.

Comiseration 0/1
If an ally kills the enemy that downed you, you are instantly revived.
If you kill an enemy that downed an ally, the ally is revived.

Punishment 0/5
Enemies which have damaged you take +4% more damage.

Guillotine 0/5
An enemy that downed you takes +20% more damage for the next 10 seconds.

Suspension 0/1
No time penalty during Fight For Your Life.


Woah, sounds good

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Sounds cool, but there is WAY too much multiplicative damage in there that would make Blood Bath even more OP.

Pins and Needles would be a REALLY good skill for Krieg to have. Wish the devs had thought of that. But this tree is almost completely unbalanced and would be giving Krieg 1) too much health 2) too much damage and 3) co-op skills/FFYL skills that would make him and all allies invincible and break the game faster than you can say “Moneyshot will only be balanced once it forces a reload”