[Custom] 4th Skill Tree for Salvador the Gunzerker (ONE-MAN ARMY)


The Sound of Fury (0/5)
+9% Fire Rate for all Guns
-4% Gun Damage Penalty

Metamorphic (0/5)
Invincibility for the first 0.8 second(s) of Gunzerking.

Rain of Pain (0/5)
+2% Fire Rate for all Guns (+6% Fire Rate for SMG’s)
Additionally, +4% Fire Rate for all guns while Gunzerking

Thick Skin (0/5)
Getting a kill while Gunzerking adds 1 Durability Stack (max. 6). You gain 2% Damage Resistance for each Durability Stack. You lose all Durability stacks when Gunzerking ends.

Accumulation (0/5)
Each additional shot fired from a clip deals +0.3% more damage.

Haymaker (0/1)
+50% Melee damage while Gunzerking

Equalizer (0/5)
You gain +0.2% Gun Damage for each percentage of your health missing.
Additionally, you gain +5% Gun Damage during Fight For Your Life

Respite (0/5)
You take -15% less damage while Reloading.

You Need More Guns (0/1)
Kill Skill. +60% Weapon swap speed for 3 seconds.

Fully Stocked (0/5)
Ammo costs -10% less from vending machines
+1 magazine size for all weapons
+1 additional Grenade capacity

Heavy Ordnance (0/5)
+12% Reload Speed

Bullets Forever (0/1)
No ammo consumption for Pistols while Gunzerking.