Custom Content Guide?

Is anyone up to gathering together some of the custom content that was created for this wonderful game? I’ve been trawling through the old forum and downloading packs as I stumbled across them, but it would be nice to have a comprehensive guide dedicated to them.

Also, does anyone know how to access this link?

It’s not one of the ones where pasting “…” works to fix it, as it has the prefix “gbx”. Not sure if anyone can access it anymore, but I badly need dr zed’s patch in order to get Oasis functional.

Hmm… I thought Dr. Zed was on the new forums?
Anyway, here you go - let me know if none of the links work for you:

ZBL Patch 5.4 (comes with ShaderCompiler Clone, fix.bat, fix_win7.bat)

v5.4 Changes
Updated for 1.4.1

v5.3 Changes
Added sprites patching for 1.3.1
Added sprites patching for 1.4.0

… snip … (mirror) (mirror by bgoodsell) (mirror by Shawn Davsion)

All Textures in DrZedPatch.upk are public domain at this time or being released as public domain most are by Tango Project.

Edit: See also

Edit 2: D’Oh! Check Borderlands > Fan Creations - a whole thread on map links. :blush:

Oh great, thank you. I had the Oasis map files and all that, but without the zed patch it crashes when I try to fast travel to it. Aaaaand it was smart to check the fan creations, I probably should have done that… facepalm thanks a lot! A working link to the Zed patch made everything easier.

I’m glad someone remembered all that work I did… :wink: