Custom Created Content Collection (Oasis mapslots and more)


I compiled this Mod Pack and would like to share it with you, in this modpack have a lot of things, including mapslots and more! (sorry for my bad english) I hope you like it :acmaffirmative:

In this mod pack is almost everything that could be downloaded from the old forums of Gearbox
I started to update this mod pack in 2011 and to this day.

All this you can find on my Steam Tutorial… i update this with sometimes, with release of new mods
I personally wrote this guide and it is simple to use

OR you can download Only Mapslots, without other mods

Also i created a third link with All my Mapslots separately.

Special thanks
For Created User Content

Nol A Ftw
By fraktaled_b4u
aether seraph

For User Video

That guy Whatever
King Gothalion
Map Maker [roflcopter701]

Maybe not all Authors have in this list, and i could forget some…

Sorry about that…


So this is a compilation of all the custom content ever created smacked into 1 download?

Yep, Almost all of Custom content

Then why are there some names in the credits that relate to people who’ve never made custom content?

there are some users that do not relate to the content development, I added some, because is I borrowed some their video to show demonstration of content, my bad, i fix it later

Alright, maybe you should give them separate credits and link their specific custom content related videos in the topic.

I added separate credits, also all the details can be viewed in link at the beginning of post.

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i think i’ve got one of my maps in the wrong slot - you’re right in the original list MS5 is the zombie one but i have a craw farming map which was numbered 5 in the filename - do you known which slot it should be?

is it 38 maybe?

Answer - yes it is - i just opened it in notepad - i’ll adjust my list… hangs head in shame…

good project but a big file though - any chance you could separate them out at some point, i’d love to be able to add at least the other playable SP maps to my list of links

i’m not bothered about alternative travel hubs etc - oasis is all you need i think - but mapslots i’d love to have individual links for are:

5 - Secret Hideout of Crazy Psychos
11 - Zombie Skirmish
13 - Yuki-onna’s Caldera Outpost
15 - Boss Junction
18 - The Abandoned Base: Zombie Infestation (i have this but can’t get it to launch in W8.1)
19 - The Fifth Column (same as mapslot 18…)
24 - Dead Hill

would appreciate it - i suspect others would too

I created a second link with this mapslots.

Also i created a third link with all my mapslots separately.

awesome, thanks

can’t get 18 or 19 to work though - ‘general protection fault’ each time

also, is there a point to ‘Zombie Skirmish’ ?

it just seems like an endless battle against enemies - maybe that’s because i’m in 2.5 but it just goes on forever…

are you tried installed a full modpack? mapslots 18 19 must worked in full modpack… maybe its my problem, maybe i forgot to add some files, i added a “wp” folder and “DrZedPatch”, try to add “wp” folder in “maps” folder enter link description here

All mapslots worked in full version of modpack [Not tested on Windows 8 or higher]

thanks for trying to help, but no joy with 18 - its missing something in ‘binaries’ folder

19 works though :smile:

The 7-map pack link is not working now - did you remove it?

All links works perfectly 1 2 3

ok, but new url! i will amend the one on my post

whats the enable_hordes.exe do exactly? that’s in the new oasis mega download ?

I dont remember about this file, this file increases count of monsters on the map i just forgot add it earlier.