Custom Created Content Collection (Oasis mapslots and more)

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #23

I believe it was a file for the zombie tunnel maps, I forgot its name…

(FantasticBlackBoy) #24

It possible for “Maze of the Living Dead” - mapslot 17

((GIT)r-man) #25

It’s a VB script I made for ‘Maze Of The Living dead’ based on the cfg edit that xStormx used for his borderlands scaling project.

Basically it edits a single line in a cfg file to allow a higher number of enemies active at the same time than the default.


(barnes3) #26

thanks gitface(and others) for the quick response

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #27

Would me and Sleep be able to integrate it into our 5th DLC project? (If yes do we have your permission) Or is just having it as is good enough?

((GIT)r-man) #28

Cool by me.

If I can find the original VB code I’ll send it to you so you can integrate it into your installer.


(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #29

Awesome, you’ll be credited of course. (we’re planning on having an actual credit roll at the end XD)

(Impala) #30

Nice package, very convenient to have everything in one folder.
Though, it is a bit daunting. The custom item folders only have WT codes. The upk files are all in cookedPC, which means you’d have to copy/paste the whole folder of upk files, because there is no way to find upk files for just a couple of items. Still, amazing effort, thanks so much. I’ll go through it and see if I can get the items I want out of it.

(haha - nailed it!) #31

you mean W****w T**e?

(Close) #32

The alternate start saves don’t seem to have oasis on them?

(Close) #33

Got it to work after hex editing and getting that dev console up. Yay.

(Xwmstormx) #34

if you have issues with my maps then feel free to PM me or whatever. Happy to help with the 3 things I’ve done. Zombie Infestation, Fifth Column and the original Borderlands scaling maps which is every map in the game scaled before GBX did it with added areas and features. hehe. :slight_smile: Just to rub that in a bit. :smiley:

OH! Edit! If you have issues with the installer then look at A Storm Project Custom maps [Updated] for the updated stuff. I changed everything and got rid of the installer so that people can install them manually.

(FantasticBlackBoy) #35

@xwmstormx Thanks, i just updated a Mod pack :slight_smile: