Custom Cursors - Mods and Examples

Continuing the discussion from UI updates in next patch:

Tried 1/3 size removed the center and golded/yellowed it over. Thoughts?
Technically it’s a curved bottom in HW1; can be added if preferred.

Screenshot didn’t capture the cursor, so uploaded to steam…

Version 1: Custom

Version 2: HW1

Coloured Commands:


Looks good. I think I like the curved bottom style.

I thought a little gap in the bottom right corner of the cursor might look cool, so I made an example. The cursor I made is not quality itself, just scribbled it in.

There you go, sorry for the wait; hope you like it!

Speaking of the HW1 cursor…

Have a look at *\ship\icons\bentusiexchange.tga :wink:

Haha, probably not worth the effort of upscaling, but great find!

heh… yeah, I made some icons for the kadesh mod for HW1 years ago. Those original HW icons were pretty cool. I still have the entire game unpacked on my PC.

Heya guys, I’ll have an example for ‘Cursor’ Mods ready soon. These allow you to define new cursors (either using the base assets or your own) - that will show up in the UI Options Tab for the user to select. For some multi-race Mods (Trek, S.Wars, etc) this would mean allowing the mood to be carried over to cursor colors and icons, without hacking.

I have some ‘best practices’ to explain (probably a new [EXAMPLE] thread) - but it is all very easy. During testing I also created a properly ‘4k’ res HW1 cursor from the original HW1 art - I added a bit of shadow and forward gradient to give some weight… let’s call that programmer’s artistic license :wink:

In the near future I also plan to allow UI elements to define what cursor they show (so that drag bars and text fields can change the cursor, or bars of command icons can show a preview, etc) - as well as allow cursors beyond just the basic named enums… so you can define any string as a cursor ‘state’ - with artwork - and specify it’s use in-game or as UI hover.

So lots of love planned (but not for certain when/if it’ll see release)…

Here’s a great spot to ask for more, voice ideas, etc… Also, feedback on what’s there is appreciated!


That’s seriously awesome stuff @BitVenom!
Will the upgrades be coming before, after or with the Multiplayer independent cursors?

Looking forward to Klingon and Fed cursors :smiley:

Think I’m showing my age since i think less about mods and more about tools now :smiley:
First thing I can think of outside of the obvious (race specific and text boxes) is a busy indicator for when you use launch all of carriers; no current way of knowing how many are left since the hanger just empties (though that might be an important thing to patch tbh).

As of this release ‘Cursor’ Mods are supported, and yes they’re MP safe. The 4 basic ones I added for the patch (HWR Normal/Small/Large and HW1 Classic) are just obvious edits. I am sure the community can get far more fancy. I’ll be ready to upload and post about Examples soonish.

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