Custom dream Weapons?

Hey there! This my my first real post but I’m curious
If you could have a genuine gun implemented into a borderlands game what would it be?
Maybe a red text blue or legendary, maybe a non unique, anything at all

It doesn’t have to be realistic at all but it would be amazing to see new concepts!
As far as a pan elemental jakobs with special effects to buff itself or other guns to a Hyperion smg that could do low damage but shoot the whole ammo store per trigger pull to add up crazy damage

Whatever you’re thinking! Custom quotes and references to things in the name and text?
It doesn’t have to be a gun, anything with an item card and something that you see existing in borderlands!
I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas!

Look at this gun/the concept is badass/I’ll kill some bad guys with it

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search function does work :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, that sounds awesome!
Imagine a gun that shoots fastballs
That would be so deadly!