Custom gear Ideas Collection

What ho, vault hunter!

I have been jotting stuff down, and it’s time to transfer it to the forum.
I have come up with many items for BL2 and TPS, but these here will have a slight chance of actually being created. At least I hope so. Here goes nothing.

#Class mods


Walking Apocalypse
Master Blaster
Pay Back
Rapid reload

Elemental effect damage
Elemental effect chance
Movement speed

  • Hardened
  • Rapid reload
  • Revenge

Melee damage
Melee damage resistance
Movement speed

  • Sting like a bee
  • Bash
  • Short fuse

Shield capacity
Max health
Weapon damage

  • Juggernaut
  • Unbreakable
  • Revenge

Critical hit damage
Ammo regeneration

  • Rapid reload
  • Revenge
  • Pay Back

Grenade damage
Grenade regeneration

  • Endowed
  • Revenge
  • Cast Iron


Want some candy?
Chance to drop Crimson Lance power cores when damaged.

#Grenade mods

The only verdict is vengeance.
Hyperion longbow grenade.
Throwing a grenade spawns a friendly Claptrap who fights alongside you.

Torgue grenade mod. Lobbed only.
Throwing a grenade mod spawns a flock of corpse eaters, that attack enemies.


Smells like piss and nachos.
Tediore assault shotgun.
Ammo regeneration.
Carnage barrel only.
Shoots the Defiler zombie slime.

Lady Boner
Hyperion repeater pistol.
Increased magazine size.
Massively decreased damage.
Massively increased critical hit damage.
100% accuracy.

I feel the power!
Atlas assault shotgun.
Transfusion effect.

Watch your fingers.
Hyperion revolver.
+500% melee damage.
Each successful melee hit costs 15% health.

Dahl semi-auto sniper rifle.
Increased zoom and projectile velocity.
No recoil and increased accuracy when crouched.

Explosion noise!
Torgue shotgun.
Explosive only.
Increased damage and tech pool.
Consumes two ammo per shot.

The odds are good.
SnS sniper rifle.
Lowered fire rate.
Scoring a critical hit causes an elemental nova.


I ate it all.
Maliwan combat shotgun.
Carnage barrel only.
Always explosive.
Increased accuracy and projectile velocity.
Decreased magazine size.

Isn’t it beautiful?
Tediore machine pistol.
Respawning with it in your hands restores 100% of all ammo pools.

Death and taxes.
Hyperion sniper rifle.
Instead of ammo, it consumes money.
Cost of shots scales with the weapon’s level.

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Some of my favorite weapon ideas from the TPS thread, adjusted to BL1 mechanics.

Load up on guns; bring your friends.

Anshin shield. Increased shield capacity.
Increases max health.
Max health is increased by 25% for every ally with this shield equipped.
20% of friendly fire damage is converted to health.

Weeping Angel
Faster than you can believe.

Anshin shield.
+50% movement speed when no enemies are hostile.
-25% movement speed when there are hostile enemies in the area.

Mother’s Love
Carry on, my wayward son.

Anshin shield. Increased max health bonus.
Powerful health regeneration. Gets stronger the lower your shield capacity is.

Banana Bomb
Banana for scale.

Torgue MIRV grenade mod.
Every child grenade bounces three times, creating explosions.

The World’s Second Sharpest Knife ™
I should bloody hope so.
Attention! Sharp blade.

Hyperion pistol.
Always spawns with blade attachment.
Lowest fire rate in the game (0.2)
Melee hits inflict elemental damage.
Elemental melee hits benefit from elemental bonuses.
Each melee hit costs 10 ammo.
No element bonus if less than 10 rounds in magazine.

Flawless Victory

Hyperion sniper rifle.
Deals increased damage if shield is fully charged.
Killing an enemy that did not inflict damage to you restores 100% shield capacity.

I am Droog.

Vladof sniper rifle.
Bullets that hit enemies ricochet to another enemy.
Bullets have a chance to ricochet from the second enemy to a third.
Critical hits ricochet to critical locations.

The way it’s meant to be plagued.

Maliwan sniper rifle.
Always spawns as corrosive elemental.
Increased damage and tech pool.
+400% status effect duration.

Somebody stop me!

Maliwan pistol.
+150% critical hit damage.
2% of inflicted damage is converted to team health.

It does what?

Maliwan pistol.
Comes in double elements (the elemental pair is random).

POW! Right in the kisser.

Hyperion pistol.
Always spawns with blade accessory.
+300 % melee damage.
Melee hits benefit from critical hit bonuses.

I bet you’re naked under that shield.

Hyperion shotgun.
Always shock element.
Increased magazine size, and reload speed.
Enemies affected by its status effect generate tesla coils that damage nearby enemies.

Slice and dice.

Tediore assault shotgun.
Each shot has as many pellets as its advancing number in the mag.
Up to 6 pellets.
Pattern is that of the corresponding number on a die.
Each pellet retains the damage of the item card.
Mandatory blade accessory with +180% melee damage.

Karma is a bitch.

Torgue shotgun.
No projectiles. When fired, it produces a small explosion from the barrel, which reaches about 3 feet (1 meter) far. Tremendous damage. Low fire rate. Increased magazine size.

Blap blap.

Hyperion shotgun.
As long as you have a kill skill active, you get double fire rate, reload speed, and magazine size.
Requires an active kill skill for the effect to work.

You had one job.

Torgue shotgun.
Reduced magazine size.
Massive damage.
Increased reload speed, and projectile velocity.
Fires a single projectile with 100% accuracy.
Projectiles that do not connect with an enemy ricochet and hit you.

In the end it’s all nice.

Hyperion shotgun.
Increased fire rate.
5% of inflicted damage is converted to shield capacity.

Siren’s Song
Such sweet sorrow.

Maliwan SMG.
Two projectiles.
Increased tech pool.
Comes in all elements.
Kills increase action skill cooldown rate.

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Where are my testicles, Summer?

• Atlas sniper rifle.
• 100% accuracy, increased damage.
• Can spawn with any element. Huge tech pool.
• When ADS and receive hit, no accuracy loss.

Nuts on the road.

• Atlas revolver.
• +100% grenade capacity when equipped.
• +100% action skill cooldown rate, but only if you are moving.
• Spawns with any element. Increased tech pool.

Apply directly to forehead.

• Maliwan sniper rifle.
• Insane tech pool.
• Can spawn with any element.
• 300% critical hit damage.

We are not a taxi service.

Jakobs masher revolver.
While equipped:

• +50% movement speed
• +100% jump height
• +20000% knockback

I love a parade.

• Atlas shotgun.
• Increased magazine capacity and reload speed.
• Transfusion effect.
• Can spawn with any element. Huge tech pool.

I’m the pain you tasted.

• Maliwan shotgun.
• Always fire. Increased tech pool.
• Increased damage. Three projectiles.
• Large fire cloud proc.

Clever Girl
Heck, I’m urban.

• Dahl heavy machine gun.
• While equipped: -50% grenade consumption rate.

I have an army.

• Jakobs grenade mod.
• Consumes three grenades.
• Throwing a grenade spawns a Badass Tankenstein.

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please put theses in the game i like them it brings more loot into the game think about it mate i like the pinata so plase ad them soon thanks

no legendary sheilds or grenades are added so please add them :neutral_face:

I’ve been playing some Terraria lately (fantastic game BTW), and I wonder if something like the Medusa Head would be doable in the Borderlands editor. It charges up while you hold down the mouse, then when you release it hits everything in your line of sight, with damage dependent on how long it was charged up.

Tons of fun in Terraria, could be fun in borderlands too. It would tempt you to run out into plain view and get everything looking at you.

I don’t actually make items in an editor, I just post ideas.

@jonbellamy31 he normally dumps his ideas on me. :joy: XD :joy: XD

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Lazy Eye
What can I say…

Jakobs sniper rifle.
100% accuracy.

If scoped for more than 3 seconds, cross-hairs start drifting randomly to one side.
The effect lasts till the magazine is emptied, but is cancelled if you reload mid-mag.
Drift to the left: +1000% critical damage.
Drift to the right: x10 fire rate, & no ammo consumption

Born to multitask.

Hyperion shotgun.
100% accuracy.
Extremely high damage.
1 projectile.

ADS: +500% projectile velocity, no recoil. -50% fire rate.
Crouching: +1 projectile.
Airborne: You fire a rocket.
Spawns with blade, and can come with any element, because why not.

Jokes on you.

Maliwan heavy machine gun.
High magazine and fire rate.
High elemental tech pool.

Can reload only when at 0 bullets in mag.
Pressing reload at any other time throws a grenade, which consumes 5 bullets but no grenades.
Grenade thrown is a contact grenade with huge blast radius.
Grenade element same as equipped mod.

Blue Whale
Poor Alan.

Maliwan sniper rifle.
Comes in any element.
Shoots elemental harpoons that temporarily immobilize enemies.
Harpoons explode upon meeting a surface, and have a medium blast range.

Temperance is wickedness.

Torgue SMG.
Double anarchy that can come in any element.
Drains health when not being fired.

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put them in the game

How about you try that. :wink:

I cant

Jk, I know you won’t. I would just like to ask of you not to write things like “Put them in the game” on topics like this w/o first understanding the procedure of making but a simple weapon for BL1.

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Quack, damn you.

• Dahl assault shotgun.
• Pellets ricochet off surfaces with 50% chance of hitting an enemy.

By a long shot.

• Atlas sniper rifle.
• Increased weapon zoom.
• +20% damage and 10% critical damage for every unaware enemy you kill. Stacks up to 1000% and 500% respectively.

Critical Hit
Well, there’s your problem.

• Hyperion shotgun.
• Shoots one projectile with 100% accuracy.
• Massive recoil reduction.

Dungeon Buster
I reject your reality and substitute my own.

• Torgue shotgun.
• Always explosive.
• Taking damage increases your damage and movement speed by 15%. The effect stacks up to + 300%

Talk amongst yourselves.

• Tediore grenade mod.
• Longbow sticky MIRV
• Slowly regenerates ammo, grenades, health and action skill meter.

It puts the lotion in the basket.

• Vladof sniper rifle.
• Enemies that turn hostile receive a movement speed penalty of 50%

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That’s my thing.

Anshin combat shotgun.
Based on Atlas stats.

• Transfusion effect.
• Always explosive, with large tech pool.
• Slowly regenerates health.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Anshin combat rifle.
Based on Hyperion stats.

• Slowly regenerates health.
• Increased team health regeneration when hit.

Take my hand.

Anshin sniper rifle.
Based on Hyperion stats.

• Kill skill: +8% health capacity. Stacks up to whatever is not too much.
• Slowly regenerates health.

I can see right through you.

Anshin SMG.
Based on Dahl stats.

• Bullets penetrate shields.
• Slowly regenerates health.


Anshin revolver
Based on Maliwan stats.

• Shock only.
• Two projectiles.
• Team shield regeneration during inflicted DOT effect.
• Slowly regenerates health.

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Just a flesh wound.

Pangolin semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Olive green with black accents.

• Kill skill: Restores 20% shield capacity.

Maybe too close.

Pangolin combat shotgun.

• +25% movement speed.
• +30% damage reduction.

Expand our product line you say?

Pangolin SMG
Based on Dahl stats.

• +50% shield capacity.

Embrace it.

Pangolin revolver
Based on Maliwan stats.

• Negates shield recharge delay.

You heard me.

Pangolin heavy machine gun.

• Enemies who are hit are unable to move for a limited time (like the Defiler zombie goo).

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Leave this to me.

Jakobs shotgun.

• +10000 knockback
• Blade attachment with 750% melee damage (the revolver blade if possible).

Second Act
Cry me a river.

Atlas assault shotgun.

• Always explosive.
• Transfusion effect.

Limbo anyone?

Dahl sniper rifle

• Bodyshots have 75% chance to daze.

Crimson Viper
There is no way out.

Hyperion heavy machine gun.

• 100% accuracy, with no recoil.
• +150% critical hit damage.

Handle with care.

Maliwan heavy machine gun.

• Shock only.
• Large tech pool.


Vladof combat shotgun

• +100% jump hight.
• +50% movement speed.

Get in here.

• Anshin grenade mod. Casts a circular ring that provides rapid shield regeneration to allies standing in it.

Oh, hi Mark.

• Maliwan MIRV grenade mod. Mother grenade drops barrels that you’ll have to shoot to detonate. Comes in all elements.

He is me and I am you.

• Pangolin shield.
• When depleted to 0%, you instantly gain 50% capacity restored, and the teammate closest to you loses 50% capacity of their shield.

Who said that?
• Hyperion grenade mod.
• Consumes three grenades per throw.
• Throwing a grenade spawns a Crimson Shorty.

You seen my gun?
• Tediore grenade mod.
• Consumes three grenades per throw.
• Throwing a grenade spawns a Mini Steve!

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Go home to your mother.
Hyperion grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly Hyperion assassins.

Not so tough now, are ya?
Tediore grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly loot midgets at random.

You have to be joking.
Hyperion grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly Claptraps at random.

Stings like a butterfly.
Maliwan grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly creatures at random
(spawn pool: skags, spiderants, scythids, crabworms).

I, Steve
You seen my gun?
Tediore grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly bandits at random.

Who’s afraid of a bully?
Tediore grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly Bruisers.

There is a war coming.
Eridian grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly Eridians at random.

One rakk. Ah ah. Two rakks. Ah ah.
Vladof grenade mod. Costs one to throw. Spawns friendly rakks at random.

And a feast it was.
Jakobs grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns a flock of friendly corpse eaters.

I’m helping.
Jakobs grenade mod. Costs three to throw. Spawns friendly zombies at random.

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