Custom gear Ideas Collection

(Impala) #21

Stick around.

SnS grenade mod. Decreased damage. Much wider blast radius.
Enemies hit become immobile for a short period.

Now you have my attention.
Atlas grenade mod.
Costs all your grenades to throw. Throwing a grenade spawns a vehicle.

Must I do everything?
Anshin grenade mod.
Throwing a grenade spawns a Medic Turret. Grants health and ammo regeneration.

Very very frightening me.
Maliwan grenade mod.
Longbow sticky grenade, shock only, releases shock tesla beams that electrocute nearby enemies (like shock barrels).
The grenade explodes after five seconds.

(Moonshark) #22

Just wanna let you know, I’m gonna attempt working on these as practice. I sorta have the Buggergun down possibly; it’s almost done and I might add a few additions.

(LegX) #23

Hey im also a bl1 modder, i just made this account to get in touch with more modders lol. I’d love to chat about udk stuff and that issue ur having with the assets when making a map. Here is a link to my public discord when u join ill pm u or u can pm me. :slight_smile:

(Impala) #24

That sounds amazing!
I can’t wait to see my ideas fleshed out!
If I could dare a request, could you possibly consider making an Atlas shotgun with explosive and transfusion, so I can team it up with my Kyros’ Power and Aries?
I have one in Post 19 of this thread.
Thanks for letting me know, I look forward to whatever you come up with! :smiley:

(Impala) #25

I also have a massive list of ideas for BL3, which I’ll post once it has its own subforum.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #26

Interesting. If you wish to wish to fully discuss BL modding with modding veterans and some BL modding startups like yourself, join this Discord: @bluemoonshark

(Moonshark) #27

I’ve actually been a part of the discord. I’ve been asking questions here or there. I’m the one with the corgi profile picture if you remember. @Mr_GJ

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #28

Oh, hahahaha. Good to see you here as well brudda. XD