Custom Gear Pack: Original Loot Remastered + Set-based Loot System. Update: Nov 21

Requires DLC 1, 2, and 3

Release video:

Set breakdown:

Update: Active sets will now be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Download Links

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive


    • installation instructions
    • gear_nolaftw.upk
    • Dr. Zed’s Patch
    • detailed information about the loot (basically this post)
    • the Sky Rocket WT code
    • a starter save for each character (pre-equipped with the Sky Rocket).

  • So I took all of the base game weapons and items–except for uniques and Eridians–and all of the Pearls,
    and reworked them (change list at the bottom).

  • This pack includes a Contraband Sky Rocket as its starting item. The Sky Rocket has a spawner skill to allow the player to farm for this loot. Each enemy killed will have a 33% chance to drop an item or weapon from this gear pack.

  • All COMs, grenades, and shields in this pack have the spawner skill as well.
    Note: Because of the set system described below, items in this pack will always be distinguishable from loot dropped normally from the game.

  • In addition to all this, the loot system is now based around “sets”:

    • All weapons, COMs, grenades (except Sky Rocket), and shields are part of a Primary Set.
    • COMs, grenades (except Sky Rocket), and shields have a chance to be part of any Secondary Set. Weapons may be part of a Secondary Set, determined by their accessory.
    • A full set means that the gun-in-hand and equipped COM, grenade, and shield all share a set. A full Primary Set will cause a sound alert to be played, while a full Secondary set will cause a particle effect to appear.
    • The player receives bonuses depending on the full set equipped. This is detailed below:

Primary Sets:

- **AM - Ammo**
  • Shot cost is reduced and sometimes negative.

  • HC - Hardcore

  • Enemies are faster and more resistant to damage. As a reward, players will receive an extra drop with an increased chance for Pearlescents.

  • HL - Health

  • The player constantly regenerates health.

  • MV - Movement

  • Player movement speed is increased. Enemy movement speed is decreased.

  • RD - Reload

  • Player reload speed, equip speed, and swap out speed are increased. Enemy reload speed is decreased.

  • RS - Resistance

  • Player bleed out time is doubled. Increased resistance to bullets, grenades, melee, rockets, and status effects.

  • SC - Scavenger

  • All kills will cause an extra weapon drop matching the equipped weapon type.

  • SH - Shield

  • The player constantly regenerates shields.

Secondary sets:

1. **Accuracy**
  • Weapon accuracy is greatly increased, recoil is greatly reduced, projectile speed is increased.
  1. Corrosive
  • Gun will always proc at its max corrosive proc.
  1. Critical
  • Critical Hit damage is increased by 150%.
  1. Damage
  • Damage is increased by 75%.
  1. Explosive
  • Gun will always proc at its max explosive proc.
  1. Fire Rate
  • Fire Rate is increased by 75%.
  1. Incendiary
  • Gun will always proc at its max incendiary proc.
  1. Melee
  • Melee damage, range, and speed increased. Melee attacks steal health (Reaper effect).
  1. Shock
  • Gun will always proc at its max shock proc.

  • The primary set’s abbreviation is visible in either the item card’s prefix or title.

  • The secondary set is visible on the first line of the item card’s description, except for class mods

  • Class mods that have a secondary set will shimmer with a gold effect while on the ground. The set they belong to is determined by the first digit in their part numbers. For example, a 1660 Support Gunner Class Mod would belong to the accuracy set. A 7650 would belong to the incendiary set.

Album: How to tell what set(s) your gear belongs to

Change List:

- I made the obvious fixes like the Draco, Plague, Penetrator, Executioner, and Driver titles, Bitch crit damage, Reaper melee damage, and the Vengeance effect.
  • Assault shotguns can now have the incendiary accessory.

  • I also made the Twisted prefix properly spawn on non-elemental SMGs with the twisted barrel.

  • The Wildcat now gets an extra projectile.

  • The Troll has increased health regen.

  • The Draco procs like a Serpens (probably too OP).

  • Combat Rifles now have an innate increased critical hit damage.

  • Vladof now also makes combat rifles, so a Revolution combat rifle is possible.

  • Pounders and Thumpers have increased crit damage.

  • The Gemini has been buffed.

  • The Hydra has been buffed.

  • The Gunslinger Class Mod now boosts Fast Hands instead of Loaded.

  • All x1 Elemental Snipers can now proc.

  • The Jakobs Striker shotgun has increased accuracy and crit damage.

  • The Tsunami has been buffed (free shock procs similar to Hellfire).

  • The Bessie can now spawn with the Skullmasher barrel.

  • The Jackal can now spawn with the Bulldog mag.

  • The Avenger is now full-auto.

  • Grenades have been completely reworked.

  • and there’s probably more things I changed, but forgot.

Feel free to leave feedback about something you think should be added or changed!


So excited to try this tomorrow when I’m home from work. Looks like you have put a ton of time and effort into this and it has definitely paid off. I think this deserves a full playthrough with the wife. I will let you know how it goes. :smile:

Edit: Had a chance to play a bit today very cool stuff, I look forward to seeing these guns in action at a much higher level (I played the premade siren) I love the new grenades from the few that I saw, that homing star grenade is deadly. :grin:


Thanks man! Hope you enjoy!

Damn so where’d you find this?! XD Good job my friend. I’ll give this a go in the near future!

I will be using this, like yesterday. But on a serious note, just from what’s listed here on the post, I can tell you that I will likely be once again be engulfed in BL1. Will play this and give some thoughts after I wake up from this coma called sleep I’m about to enter.

Almost everything looks awesome. Only thing I wouldn’t have done is make the avenger fully auto since it is a tediore after all. Other wise great work nola! Can this thread be a item of the day thread for your gear? We could post full sets, and perfect part gear and such here.

I made the Avenger full auto since I felt it needed a Pearlescent-quality effect, and the single shot burst fire kinda kills it. It’s basically what the Revolution was supposed to be. But all things are subject to change depending on feedback.

And yeah you can definitely post your finds here.

Do you have a twitter so I can give you proper credit and attention when telling others over twitter?

By the Loot Gods, this is amazing! So many fantastic fixes and changes, especially of the Gunslinger Mod.
Also glad to see one of my favorite BL2 grenades as the centerpiece here :wink:

This + Grimmjow’s Weapon Pack + Dope’s Underdome 2.0? So gonna try.

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Ooh that does sound fun.

I don’t really use it much though.

like…wont this mess up the game ifi your playing with people who dont have it?

IIRC the weapons will disappear if taken out of the Bank (and/or maybe the backpack of the player) but besides that I don’t think it’d cause havoc with the other person’s game.

Yeah if not everyone has it, the items will turn into a basic item with missing parts if you try to drop them (this is harmless). I think it might crash the game if you try to equip an item in the pack if not everyone has it. As long as you don’t try to use, drop, or do anything else with them, they won’t cause issues (note: you can view them in your backpack without any problems).

If I may make a suggestion… when I like a gear pack and want to have a charcter use only said items in a gearpack or want to avoid issues with online play I just make a new charcter and limit said charcter to be played in only solo or with others that have said gearpack. This eliminates any crashing, connection issues, or missing gear.

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That’s indeed how you need to approach custom item on Borderlands. Keep things safely in your backpack if you are 100% sure that the other people in the game don’t have the same .upk files in the same (sub)game-folders.

I am having issues with the premade save files, they are not loading right, unlees you mean to go through the intro movie.

What’s happening, specifically? Are they not showing up at all?

the items are not appearing when i load them and the intro movies play, then the active quest is the intial quest, with no items in the inventory besides the vanilla starting gun

That’s strange. You’re not selecting a new character right? The save files are named like this: NOLAftw_Brick (or whatever character), and they should have the mission Skags at the Gate active. They also shouldn’t have the normal starting weapons.

Here’s what it looks like when I load a fresh save:

I was selecting the NOLAftw_Brick save and it forced me through the opening vids.