Custom Gear Pack: Original Loot Remastered + Set-based Loot System. Update: Nov 21

(Dopefiend) #41

Awesome I love little things like this. Shouldn’t cause any problems installing this over our current play through should it?

(Nola ftw) #42

@Dopefiend, Nope just replace “gear_nolaftw.upk” and you’re all set!

(Sleep Master) #43

Great Job! These screen particles really fit to your project :smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #44

Good to see you up and about still nola! (Send this from my smartphone. Laptop is still under maintenace…)

(FleshCrunch) #45

Quick question. Is it possible to have DLC weapons spawn from the mod. I finally sat down to play with some of the stuff and was wondering if it were possible to say have an Ajax Spear drop from the mod.

(Nola ftw) #46

@dontaknoke An Ajax Spear won’t spawn from this mod. The only DLC weapons are the pearls.

There were actually quite a few things I wanted to add to this pack, like DLC weapons and new custom weapons/items (got a big list of things to make). But I kinda got burned out for a bit after releasing this (making this was very tedious), so I took a break. But now when I want to do work on this or any other BL stuff, I’m just way too busy with school and work. I’ll definitely come back to this when I have the time and motivation.

I might have a little free time this weekend, but I kinda want to work on a new character I’ve got planned. :wink:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #47

That picture I can relate to all to well… XD

(King of the Loot Midgets) #48

Would it be possible to get just the vanilla game fixes as a standalone mod? Even cut out the buffs, just fixes, specifically:

“I made the obvious fixes like the Draco, Plague, Penetrator,
Executioner, and Driver titles, Bitch crit damage, Reaper melee damage,
and the Vengeance effect.”

“I also made the Twisted prefix properly spawn on non-elemental SMGs with the twisted barrel.”

“All x1 Elemental Snipers can now proc.”

“The Gunslinger Class Mod now boosts Fast Hands instead of Loaded.”

I’m tired of missing when a penetrator drops :stuck_out_tongue:

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #49

Hear hear…

(Artistrecovery) #50

I think this might work for you as is.

All you have to do is play like you normally would. If you don’t intentionally equip a class mod, grenade mod, shield, and weapon of the same set, you will never have a different effect on your game. You will also get the fixes you are looking for. AND, you would have the large backpack and bank, which make for a relaxing game.

I just played this version through the first playthrough. I had a lot of fun using the new sets of items, but it limits what you can use.

(King of the Loot Midgets) #51

I don’t really want all the changes to the original loot, like legendary balancing and such - just the basic fixes that make the game as the devs intended.

(Jonbellamy14) #52

Nola how do I get your weapons

(Jonbellamy14) #53

Because I think they’re really cool

(Shadow Bladez Xiii) #54

I could be incorrect, but I think the mod may be broken. The grenade mod and some of the name changes work, but the set stuff (Fire rate, Damage, etc.) isn’t working. I also couldn’t get the Bessie to spawn with the Skullmasher barrel, but that could be something on my end.

This modpack seems like it could be a lot of fun if it was working properly, so would I be able to get some assistance in getting the modpack to work properly?

(Shadow Bladez Xiii) #55

Can confirm that for some reason the game will not allow the Bessie/Skullmasher hybrid

(Haraka) #56

got it to work 1st try good job man