Custom intro movies?

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I’ve already figured out how to bake audio into a .webm and have created a custom intro movie for our mod including the gearbox logo at the beginning. The issue is that I only seem to be able to get the video to play if I replace the GBXlogo.webm file in the folder HomeworldRM\Data\Animatics - the problem is that the .big file from our mod is in HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs\76561197993557387\459509285 and when the game loads it’s looking for the intro movie in HomeworldRM\Data\ and not our big file’s directory - it seems the hooks for looking for the intro movie aren’t possible to point in the right spot for custom video without including instructions to the mod user to place the custom intro video in the right spot if they want it to play right.

Is there a way to tell homeworld to play our intro video from our mod’s .big file or am I missing something here?

Data > Animatics > logo.lua

I think that’s what you’re looking for. You can specify the filename of the intro vid from there.

And as far as I know, if you have the intro vid in the animatics folder, it will get included in the .big when you upload it.

that’s the thing, though - despite it already being in that folder AND getting .big’d like it’s supposed to it doesn’t matter - the game will always pull from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Data\Animatics (HomeworldRM\Data is where the games original Homeworld2.big etc are all located) in fact the Animatics folder is a the only folder in the Data folder among all those .big files - like there should be a Animatics.big but there isn’t? maybe I’ll try giving it it’s own big file but I doubt that will solve it.

I’ve been able to verify that homeworld will play my video correctly by manually replacing the GBXlogo.webm in the HomeworldRM\Data\Animatics folder, though - the problem is I don’t know how to tell steam to either

A) put our .webm file into the HomeworldRM\Data\Animatics folder when Steam normally deals with it’s own HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs branch(like it’s too far down the wrong branch)

B) figure out how to make the game look at the info in the logo.lua file right and have it look at our .big file instead of the steam folder for the .webm video file)

The is a command line switch “-moviepath”, which changes the path where it looks for the movies…

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Word. I’m not the guy with upload permissions to the Steam Workshop so things like this are going over my head. This is a command put into homeworld tool kit on upload or added to a file some where?

to further elaborate my understanding of command line parameters is that they’re edited into the shortcut or put into the mod launcher screen manually now. Is there a way to include these parameters by default when the mod is run so that our mod users only have to download the mod and are good to go without any “thought” put into playing beyond loading the mod and clicking launch? instructions to run command lines manually are a turn off to the majority of users…

Hm, I can confirm BrickSpace is supposed to have a custom intro vid and it does not play. It picks up the custom logo.lua, and gives an error that it can’t find the custom video file. The game then loads as normal.

I verified that the custom video does get included in the created .big that gets uploaded/downloaded from Steam, the game just acts like it’s not there.

Doublechecked for spelling errors in logo.lua of course.

Also tested if creating a custom folder for the video file works, instead of the animatics folder, and it gives the same behavior as above. The custom folder is included, and the file too, but the game just seems to decide the file isn’t there anyways.

Custom video works with a loose data folder and -overrideBigFile of course.


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I’ve found that editing the logo.lua to remove “data:” will make it throw “undefined alias/bad filepath” errors in the log file, but when the “data:” is re-added and the path changed to where the GBXlogo.webm is in our big file it DOESN’T MATTER because the video will always play from the same non-big’d animatics folder location - like it’s being told to play that video from somewhere in the code that’s not definable for us to edit or if it is it’s not obvious.

I remember there being a problem with the intro video being bugged months ago and I wonder if their fix is still on their side of the code and ignoring the logo.lua file while still requiring it?

As far as I know this issue has existed in past versions of HW2, animatics needing to go in a file folder rather than a .big file.

I’d be interested to know, assuming the technical details get resolved, how gearbox feels about people editing the intro movies on general principle. It feels like something some people might take offense too, so worth checking. Same with the corner icon that’s placed in screenshots.