Custom Map requests

Greetings all,

Once again, I find myself in a sub-forum quandary.

Would the subject of custom maps, and the making thereof, belong here… in the modding section… or in fan creations?

Until told to take it elsewhere, I will post here in MP. :smile:

First of all, Skunk’s maker won’t work in Win7, and I am sad. DX8 error on launch. sigh.

So, since I cannot make them I will describe what I want and see if some kind-hearted and bored map-maker will have pity on me.

Map-maker, Map-maker, Make me a map…

Eldorado Shell - Larger than Crimson Bond XY, less than Hyperspace Arena in Z.

3v3 or 4v4 versions.

3v3 start positions are vertical equilateral triangle vertices. One side has two players at “bottom”, other side has two on “top”. Each position has asteroid field suitable for 6-8 collectors, for a limited time.

Inwards towards center and ‘twisted’ 45 degrees are small secondary asteroid fields.

Multiple small “neutral” resource pockets near top and bottom of map near center of XY.

Center of map is a spherical area well over twice the diameter of a HW2 Hyperspace Inhibitor Module, encased by a dust/radiation shell.

The dust extends past the radiation both inside and outside the shell, facilitating repair/evasion.

Radiation is strong/thick enough to severely damage/destroy fighter-class ships(Terah-class radiation).

Open holes in dust/radiation shell at top and bottom, large enough to admit BC.

Interior area has 6-8 Very Large asteroids, scattered at some distance from each other in all three axes.

Each asteroid has 1-2 small asteroids nearby.

Some near the dust shell(ninja collectors), some near the center.

Dust pockets inside the shell area, but not around asteroids.

4v4 version has vertical square and diamond start positions, and extra set of secondary resources to match.

Could make it with rectangular walls and top and bottom… use dust pillars with asteroids in them, and rename it “The Cathedral”.

Or “Cage Match” by encasing everyone inside at start, but having some resources outside if you turn coward…

The Frontier - An old idea from back in the day. It was a 1v1 map that was my answer to subjugate, and got me up the ladder.


Vertically aligned offset diagonal starts, on opposite sides. Each start position has an trail of small asteroids that leads to a corner of a vertical wall of medium asteroids that is in the center of map.

The Frontier asteroids are evenly spaced with moderate distance between each one.

The spaces between asteroids contain auto-guns/platforms, that fire on any and all ships.

Taking anything less that a dual support frigate, four assault frigate wall against the center of the old frontier was a death sentence. Chewing it up from a corner was much easier.

If anyone has the skillz or an older machine running skunk’s map maker… I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to kibitz on map making.

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I’d probably put it in modding honestly. Custom maps are installed via the workshop, thus mods.