Custom Maps in MUTULTI Player

emphasized textQuestion about custom maps. I am a bit confused when i read MOD map HOW TO INSTALL. Can I host games with CUSTOM MAPS without adding the MOD and launching with consoel command -mpbeta?

How do I host a custom map in multi player with other people in a way that has a *GOOD chance of wokring.

Currently when the wife and I play custom maps we both add the MOD and launch via console command, -mpbeta. We then wait a LONG time for the map to load. And then when we play we have about a 90% chance of the game making it all the way though. That % decreases if we play wiht people on the internet across the atlantic.

I also think there may be a chance that maps made random generation may work less often?

I want to make sure I am doing things the correct way. We are getting tired of playing the same 3 maps in MULTI with real people every day, haha.

If this is a current know issues then I shall wait until after beta.


You play with your wife? Lucky bastard!


HI b8,

I am dev-dude working on HW2:R. It seems you have exactly the kind of a problem I am looking into ( [thread: Dev introduction][1] [1]: Dev introduction (looking for lobby/loading bug reports, contacts) ).

I have a question regarding “LONG time” and “90% chance game making it all the way through”.

  1. LONG time. Is loading screen stuck for long in the content downloading phase or simply various phases of the level loading take more time than usual?

  2. Regarding “Making it all the way through” - the map does not load at all (the game is stuck on loading screen)? The game starts, but ends just after it starts? Quick out of sync errors? Let me know what exactly happens.

Would you mind to join above thread (“Dev introduction”) and drop some details?

Thanks in advance,
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We also enjoy making videos of games. And when the game offers replays we enjoy commentating as well!

  1. LONG time refers to for the host to load lobby if the map is custom. Players also take a long time to enter the lobby. I have not times but I would say somewhere in the 10-30 second range.

  2. Depending on the lag, “making it all the way through” refers to completing the game versus the game ending in “out of sync”. I would be happy to post and sort of log, if you let me know how to capture. (i am a developer as well)