Custom Maps Showcase! (Video)

Hey guys,

For those of you getting bored with the standard maps in game, I made a video showing off some nice community-made ones.

Check it out:

Custom Maps Showcase

Enjoy. :wink:


No 4vs4 map :frowning:

Nice video peg. You forgot to check out my maps. Download link bellow.

Btw this brings me to another topic, the lack of maps in HWR, really we have only a few 3v3 maps and 0 4v4 map, hw1 maps are simply unplayable cuz the asteroid system is completly different and doesn’t work in HWR for two reasons, the asteroids doesnt disappear like in hw1c so we have maps full of blocking and also cuz the path finding isn’t working properly, result, you have capital ships disobeying orders, just doing huge turns afraid of asteroids that won’t disappear, unplayable.

And the custom map system is not working properly, leaving us with just a few maps, im kinda tired of playing CB and sarum over and over.

So i would like to suggest devs to add a few maps to the vanilla, i know that custom map support is the goal, but since we are not getting the system where once you played a map it is added to your library, we gonna have only the starting maps on our deck (unless we dig for more maps). I have seen devs add later maps to games like world in conflict, and those were 250mb maps, so won’t be that hard to add maps to HWR, they are so small and simple.

Also i strongly suggest a rework on HW1 maps, just change the huge asteroid field of low ru’s for a few rocks with higher ru’s per rock, like change those 10 asteroids with a total 10k ru for 2 small ones with 5k each, or 1 with 10k, i’m a hw1c freak and i really don’t mind about keeping it that “original”, you guys won’t be defiling the maps, it is just that those designs doenst work with this system, as i said above.

@scole @BitVenom

Ive personally tried to get in touch with the devs as to the development of decent 4v4 maps . It would also act as an impromptu lobby.

Instead of me normally hosting a CB which will hold 6 players to talk to , Ill be able to get the majority of people in the “invisible lobby” into the game.
Then offcourse if there is only 6 people in my 4v4 game , i can change it down to crimson/sarum/ace maps.

THe devs here dont appreciate maps in the same way that Blizzard do , they have an entire team working on map rotations in starcraft , there is indepth analysis into every map as its released and the community always wait in anticipation. .

Ive got 4-5 4v4/2v2v2v2 maps which will be a blast for the community , filling in gaps in the current map rota. Shame its not Blizzard developing this game

We are unlikely to take any community made assets. I’m not saying it won’t happen, ever - but right now we’re really focused on other things. I myself, personally, have some map ideas that go way beyond what you guys have thought of (or are likely capable of) - so I may carve out some free time after things have settled to do an expansion (most likely a personal workshop item).

Seriously? You come to our company forums to post that sentiment?


Sorry , . Like to retract that statement

Thanks. I was a little limited on time when making the video and only just managed to squeeze in those 26 maps.

I’ve just extracted the maps from your link and realised that you created Great Barrier Reef! I love that map! :smile:
I actually have it already because it downloaded from another player in a public game months ago, but I couldn’t find the source and so I didn’t put it in the video. :confused:

If your other maps are as good as Great Barrier Reef, I think I may have to make another map video… :wink:

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Sadly 26 maps was all I could manage in the first showcase video, but I did put in the 8P Crimson Bond! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope you find time do it. I’ll certainly subscribe to it.

Sweet deal. I’m so there.

Hey @BitVenom! Here’s another idea for that news section. Maybe a community made map of the week? Something’s players can download ahead of time promoted on the game launcher. We could vote on it here or something.

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I like this idea. I play another game where the developer has competitions for players every so often to create different types of content, and the one voted the best by the community is made available for free through the game’s platform.

It’d be nice to promote some of the community content with a ‘Dev’s Spotlight’ and keep the game fresh by highlighting a different creation every week or two.

we are lacking in 4v4 maps.

just throwing a few ideas out , because i dont have a map editor

as a map maker for hw2 , there are only 2 things that matter when making maps. Resource Positions and Start positions.
Since its all made in the blackness of space. Backgrounds and pretty pink gas spams can be added at a designers own leisure.

Some nice layouts there P5y. I would really love to have access to an official map editor to make some of my own ideas a reality.

Sometimes one can only dream I suppose…

My idea for a custom map. A vertical map with a damage gas disk separating the top team from the bottom team. The teams would either have to either attack down or up through the ‘ground’

Map name would either be Angels and Demons or Heaven and Hell.

I really like that second design, looks awesome.