Custom Player Class

I just didn’t believe that it could be done in Borderlands 1, but somehow I have managed to do that and I decided to share it here. I created custom player class and I used my custom SleepMaster bandit model for that. Let screenshots speak for it themselves

Third person:

First person:

First person is a bit buggy because of attached models but it works. Also for now its just clone of Roland character but it opens so many possibilities!


Interesting. Makes me wonder what else can be done.

Time for a custom Athena class, awwww yeahh.

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Today I tested my custom character with @Dopefiend and here are some screenshots of our gameplay:


Awesome! So are you not able to spend those skill points?


You are able, but whole skill set is from Roland, I just forgot to do it :stuck_out_tongue: For now I only worked on model, but I think today I will work with skills. So far what I have noticed you are not able to change skill icons, but you can change skill names and descriptions so thats something for start.


Holy ■■■■ sweet bro. I really want to get my laptop bacl now :cry:


Wait, am I a skag?

This is way too funny xD


You should do Dr. Zed. I would love you for ever.

Dr Zed is a bit bugged but I think its doable to make him a player character, but it will take a lot of time, I will try to work on it when I have some time, for now it looks like that:


I am having a heart attack of joy right now, Dr. Zed for the win!

You are on my favorite forums people list. Near the top.

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@Greasy_Broccoli Thank you :slight_smile: If you would like to play as Dr. Zed only as reskin to original character then there will be work with sockets and making animation fit, but if you would like to make custom skills then it would take way way more time. But like I said I will be able to work on it when I am done with other stuff I am working on :wink:

Also many thanks to @Dopefiend who helped me with material for my Eridian Blade melee weapon:

  1. That Eridian blade is awesome. Really Awesome.

  2. Take as long as you need for our precious Zed. No rush. I am a patient man.

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dr zed =“patient” man ??!! lol


@SleepMaster wow, great work! So excited to play with new custom characters :smiley:
Mind if I share my idea(s) with you?

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Sure thing, but like I said about Dr Zed for now I am busy with finnishing my player class and NPCs for Dopefiend’s Hyperion Apex Facility and Mr Grimmjow’s Dust Wastes DLCS. So for now I can hear you out, but to make your ideas alive you will need to wait :smile:

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Of course, I wait :smiley:
Here’s the raw idea, I don’t know if it’s possible or not to make it.

Nice idea, I was thinking about making guardian myself, but this one is hard nut to crack here are reasons why:

  • First off main skill - Really great idea but, main skills are hardcoded and they differ from other simple skills by extra features, so the closest thing to your main skill would be to edit phasewalk, but still I am not sure it could work. Also you can forget about slow time, the best slow time we created was to slow enemies movement speed and bullet speed wich was game breaking for multiplayer.

  • Second thing animation - So far I fit all custom models to Roland’s anim set. To make guardian you would need to create whole anim set for every little animation and animations for each weapon, and sadly I am not really skilled with making animations :frowning:

  • And third thing, other skills you listed - Most are doable but some are just not possible due to engine and modding limitations. Here is the list of the problematic ones:

"Movement speed (forward/backward): 3% per rank (left/right): 4% per rank" - there is only one speed modifier for all directions, and backwards is predefinied on character to be for example 20% of original speed, so left/right can be removed from description.

" After killing an enemy, you can double jump for a few seconds" - not possible to make double jumps :frowning:

"Jump height: 10% plus per rank" - I think this one could be possible, not sure though.

"While jumping, you can attack an enemy below you, dealing 50% melee damage per rank and daze them for 2 seconds per rank" - not possible to make :confused:

"Kill an enemy, while your main skill is active, you get +0,2 sec. per level bonus" - I am guessing you mean here +0,2 sec to skill duration, but as far as I noticed its feature from Borderlands 2, and it rather does not work in Borderlands 1.

"You kill an enemy, you become invisible for 1 second per rank" - Not sure if I could make character vanish like guardians teleport, but for sure I can make player untargetable by enemies. In my opionion this skill is a bit OP, its like phasewalk each time you kill enemy :stuck_out_tongue:

"Bullet deflection chance: 3% per rank" - There is no bullet deflection feature in Borderlands 1 :pensive:

"Weapon swap speed: 10% per rank" - I think its possible to edit weapon swap speed but I am not sure about that

Other skills can be made without any problem. But I must warn you that its impossible to change skill icons. For example if I make your guardian out of Lilith he will have all skill icons from Lilith’s set.

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Ohhh, I didn’t know those limitations, sorry.
But that caracter would be sooo cool
Btw. keep up the great work! :wink:

Try to think about something else for these skills what I mentioned that cannot be done, we may work something out. I really like that idea :wink: