Custom Player Class

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Its not my DLC. Its ours, and its going to be the unofficial 5th DLC for the game. :wink:

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Yeah you are right its our DLC :smiley:

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Weaponswapspeed and jumpheight are 2 very doable things.

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I haven’t tried that in multiplayer. Do you mean game breaking as in overpowered, or actually crashing the game?
If it’s the former, I think the slow movement and projectile speed is a reasonable effect if confined to a radius. Also, I’m sure some combination of decreased gravity and decreased jump height could make aerial movement seem slow-mo as well.

Pretty sure you’re right, but I wonder if the Globals can be changed in the same way you switch to your custom character. If you could swap to your own modified Globals, I think it could change a lot. I’m pretty sure that’s where simple skills like “Jump” are set. But even then, I don’t know if you could modify the jump skill to allow double jumps (while also having the default jump if the skill is inactive).


I think there might be an IsFalling attribute that you could use to determine if your player is jumping. The enemy below you thing is probably not possible or more trouble than it’s worth. The rest could be done I believe.

Side-note: Melee override skills are possible right? I don’t remember what it looks like where you enter the character’s melee animations, but can you place multiple anims with parameters (like with weapons)?


I wonder if TexMod works in BL1. I know it does in BL2. If so, you could change the skill icons.

But yeah overall making a character is a lot of work.

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Well in my opion its just too easy when they are slowed down. And in multiplayer when one person uses it then other player can also easly take out enemies.

Hmm this one is interesting, I must check it out :smile:

As far as I checked melee override is not possible to make. :confused:

Well if you change skill icons for custom character then you change for original one as well so I am not sure if its worth it.

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Under the main skill I mean… I’m thinking of a “field”. Within it, you and the enemies can’t shoot, and move, and the enemies’/teammates’ bullets can’t go into that field (like the phalanx skill in BL2)

Movement speed: then just a regular all-direction improvements?

Forget the double jumps :frowning: :smiley:

Invisibility: maybe decrease the time to half? And oh, you can take damage while invisible

Main skill duration increase: I have a pearlescent class mod (Iscariot), and when my sabre turret is active, and I kill an enemy, the cooldown bar recharges a little bit. Btw. I always use that COM, thanks Mr_GJ :smiley:

I’m thinking about new and doable skills, but I have a little time (christmas, exams :frowning: )

Ohh f**k… my english sucks…

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Thanks for feedback, but for now i wont be able to do anything with custom player stuff, as i am busy with unofficial 5th dlc content

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I understand :slight_smile:

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I sound terrible D:

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@Mr_GJ @SleepMaster Bloodwing is both the name of the species and the name of Mordecai’s first Bird. I’ll encase the rest in spoilers even though it’s going on 4 years since it became public knowledge.

When Bloodwing dies Mordecai grieves until about HH5, The son of Craw when he gets a new Bloodwing which is called Talon

Looking good though, quite enjoying the chaos the new characters offer, as for the XP issue wouldn’t one of the Admin be able to help you at some point, maybe try sending a PM to Joe or one of the rest of the team.
They may be able to offer a piece of advice to finish the projects. Best of luck with finding a solution though, be fun to see a full 4 player custom team run through the full game.

By the way, did I hear something about a raid boss? I’m now intrigued, very much so.

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Mmmh. According to the Wikia it ain’t fully confirmed yet whether its Bloodwing as a name or as a species (that’s why we were confused). We’d have to open her up in UDK to see where GBX categorized her in. That’s normally the get-to-name for the species.

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I thought with the Corpse Eater dropping Bloodwing eggs it was enough to make the species name agreed as Bloodwing?

My thought being it refers to it as Bloodwing egg and not Trash Eater or anything else.

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We’ll see what UDK says…


According to UDK. Trashfeeder, Corpsefeeder and Bloodwing are all located under the same species category tab. This means that Bloodwing is the name of the species and not the individual, as GBX categorized each species by name. Meaning that all Skags (Skagzilla, Moe, Marley, Skrappy, Badass Skags, Pup Skags, etc.) are located in the Skag tab and so on and so on.

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I can already see that character intro.

Breaking the game, bringing the pain

I’m literally squeeing right now.

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Haha nice one, but all intros are made as movies, and I am not really skillful into video editing to make intros like these from Borderlands. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How did you do this??? Any tutorials I’d love to try myself if I’m honest, 3 years later but I still play the game and would love to know how lmao

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This might help - strictly PC only though.