Custom resolutions for the updated classics


For some reason the command line arguments are not even added to the game!

This is my log:

CmdLine: -workshopmod 76561198009236073\398406822\Complex91.big

however this is the cmd parameters I want:

 -w 2560 -h 1440

But it seems if I make a shortcut myself it works fine:

-w 2560-h 1440-workshopmod 76561198009236073\398406822\Complex91.big


E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\Homeworld2Classic\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe -w 2560 -h 1440 -workshopmod 76561198009236073\398406822\Complex91.big

But please note that although it doesn’t seem to break functionality the log removes spaces between arguments.


Please save the settings for the launcher! I REALLY don’t want to have to retype my arguments and reselect my mods everytime I want to play the game! Also, I know that the game itself only has options up to 1920x1080, Please at least include at least a wiki link in the launcher to available command line arguments and if possible make a UI that allows changeable options!

It would be nice if GB would add native modern resolution support to HW classic.

I found that HW1 classic can take custom resolutions by editing a registry key.

In Windows 7, the keys for width and height are in this folder:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sierra On-Line\Homeworld

The width key is in hexadecimal format, but can be changed to decimal to enter regular screen size numbers.

GB really ought to make modern resolutions natively supported in HW 1 & 2 classic.

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Are you sure that’s for the Steam versions? I still have the original installed, and I performed that registry edit for it a while back. On the Steam version though, I’m not getting the custom resolution at all.

It works for Windows 7 users, with the remastered collection version of classic Homeworld, but apparently the registry key location is different for Windows 8.

As far as I can tell, the registry key is the same on Win 8.1. I guess maybe it’s because I still have the original version installed.

[quote=“Allstar, post:6, topic:99878, full:true”]
As far as I can tell, the registry key is the same on Win 8.1. I guess maybe it’s because I still have the original version installed.
[/quote]You have to run the classic one in administrator mode for it to take effect. The registry location is the same for disc version and Gearbox’s classic one.

ocbaker, I’m not able to edit the command line in the .exe file. is there a fix around that? on the original versions i was able to but with the steam version I’m not??

Should work fine!

If you look at the shortcut I posted above you can see that I have added a command line to the classic Homeworld 2.
If you edit that link to point to your own HW2 and enter that into run Win Key + R does it not start correctly? (Don’t forget to alter your resolution if needed!)