Custom Ship Names

Now, I imaging this question has been asked, but help would be great. How exactly would one create custom ship names in the build menu?

Along with that, I can’t seem to get the icon file to change the in-game ship icon at all, it just stays on the default derelict icon.

You can’t name individual ships. You can only assign a name to a type of ship. All ships of that type will have the same name.

Icons can be changed in data\ship\icons\shipicons.lua.

For instance, say I make a ‘heavy fighter’, instead of the interceptor. How would I go about including that in the build menu, or give them a description?

I’m not looking for individual ship names (To clarify, individual names as per ship, or three different names for three different destroyers), rather I’m looking to create a different ship class/role name.


I’ve been looking through there, and I’m running into these lines:

	DisplayedName =			"$xxxxx",
	Description =			"$yyyyy",

How do I get to create/determine what numbers x and y are? The in-game build menu utilizes whatever is programmed to them.

Those are in the buildresearch.dat file in English.big. Or whatever language you want.

You can just replace the numbers with whatever text you want tho.

What folder in the date does this go in? I imagine I have to create one, but I haven’t fiddled with the English big file before.


Despite every edit I make, the names in the build menu and ui are just numbers. Any help?

I have tried adding lines in the hw1buildresearch.dat (as I’m just testing a cloned probe with a different name and test description), and I have edited the hw1ships.dat as well for the .ship file.

Scratch that. Turns out I had to add a line to the shortcut target, so this is working. Now on to the ship icons…

Thank you Mikali, you helped a ton here!

For anyone in the future who gets stuck here, in your shortcut:
"…HomeworldRM.exe" -overrideBigFile -moddatapath YourModName

Add the line : -locale YourLanguage, such that

your drive path to HomeworldRM.exe” -overrideBigFile -moddatapath YourModName -locale YourLanguage

Make sure to substitute the YourLanguage and YourModName lineswith your actual local and mod folder name.

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moddatapath YourModName

should be -moddatapath YourModName

Other things I’ll mention:

  • YourModName folder needs to be in the HomeworldRM folder, not the HomeworldRM\data folder.
  • You can still work in the data folder, and then transfer finalized items into the mod folder — as long as -overridebigfile is present

Thanks radar3301! I edited the post to reflect what you said.