Custom voice overs


This is a Topic which I will use to ask for voice & scripting related stuff.
Please aid if you know the answers to my questions.


Ladies and Gentlemen…

Expect working Somtaaw sound files in yellow13 his next update in the Somtaaw mod. :smile:

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Hi I’ve got a problem with one of my scripts:

This little line wont work - why is that?

if (shiptype == Flagship and shipname~=“Hgn_Dreadnaught” and shipname~=“Vgr_Dreadnaught”) and shipname~=“Dreadnaught”) thenplaySpeechActor(“COMMAND_SELECTED_1”, raceHelper(), 0, Frequency_Command )or playSpeechActor(“COMMAND_SELECTED_2”, raceHelper(), 0, Frequency_Command )or playSpeechActor(“COMMAND_SELECTED_3”, raceHelper(), 0, Frequency_Command )returnexit

It just plays selected1 audio file why is that?

Edit: Solved