Custom voice questions

How do you use audio files to act as the voice of ships for a custom race?


I would say glean what you can from that. I personally have no idea how it works, but this topic seems to address setting up some of the speech code.

You have to be able to appreciate that some of these how-to questions are VERY daunting to answer. They would require whole tutorials to be painstakingly constructed. I feel like this is probably a great example of that; setting up the command voice for a race seems to be quite complicated enough by the look of it, much less for individual ships. It’s kind of like asking, “how do you make a ship and put it in the game?” People would have to explain basic modelling, texture mapping, texturing, HOD formatting in either 3D Studio or Blender, setting up hardpoints, nav lights, materials, shaders, engine burns, markers, exporting to .DAE and then using HODOR to convert to .HOD, the data folder structure and creation of the ship’s accompanying text files, manipulation of starting fleets and/or build scripts, and overriding the big file. Custom voice stuff is probably very complicated in its own right. You’d have to convert to whatever the heck HWR uses as audio files, have some accompanying lua that tells the game how to play the file (I think), stow the files in the correct directory, and then script properly the use of all those responses by some special ship. It’s a BIG job and probably not for the inexperienced HW modder.

Again, I will say that I don’t know how to do this, but of course, the best thing you can do when trying to mod something is to think of an example of something that already does what you want to do, and then look at those files to see how it is set up. You need to be clever and a little bit of a detective to mod things when there aren’t hard-and-fast tutorials to lean on. If I was trying to do what you are trying to do, I would:

  1. Take a very hard look at the .ship files of either the Taiidan or Vaygr flagship, because both have unique voices; you could just as easily look at the files for a probe or the movers; all have non-default responses. Go line-by-line and see if anything seems to mention about voice/audio/that kind of terminology, and if it does, there will be some kind of file reference.

  2. IF the ship file doesn’t set up the custom responses in any way, and it might not, then you have to try to proceed from the flipside of things. You have to think to yourself, “those custom voices have to be scripted to those ships somehow.” Notice the scripted. I would next check the scripts folder, under soundscripts, which I believe to be a subfolder of scripts. If you look in enough logical places, eventually you will find something that links an existing ship to a custom set of voice responses, and that will help you to set up your own.

It’s usually just a matter of simple deduction like that; that’s how the overwhelming majority of people come to at least a basic understanding of how to mod.