Custom Wallpapers

Made some wallpapers because I haven’t really seen that many around of all the characters.

I highly suggest

For what?

@mentalmars is a magician who has made an incredible array of Battleborn wallpapers. His website is a sort of a wiki for numerous gearbox games.

I just haven’t seen the factions together before. But thanks I’ll check it out.

More specifically to be more direct. I think the subreddit for bb has had some pop up there as well

Maybe he’ll like my stuff

I Have been making team wallpapers. The heroes are picked in order of their announcement and one of each faction. Team 4 + 5 are ready i also have been making faction wallpapers with this design. These have all the heroes of one faction, I just need to upload them. Have been kinda busy with the Battleborn Early Access.

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Awesome! Look forward to seeing them. Glad to see someone else cares about stuff like this.