Customisation items from Indo Tyrant not dropping?

So I’ve been going through a farm route, I go defeat Indo Tyrant, Demoskaggon, Red Jabber, Force Troopers, Tarantella and Road Dog (in no particular order). And so far I have gotten:
1x class mod
3x grenade mods
2x Hives
4x shields
And not a single customisation item.

I’ve been going at this for over 3 hours now on Mayhem 2 NVHM, and I’m on PS4. Anyone else struggling getting customisation items to drop?

IndoTyrant can drop every customization item, skins, heads, trinkets, weapon skins and even room decorations so it’s very hard to farm the ones you’re missing. This farm is very time consuming due to very large loot pool.

I thought so, but it’s not even dropping customisation items that I already have? And with the amount of rare and epic drops I’m getting from Indo Tyrant is also pretty big, but none of them are customisation items.
So I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not only expecting legendary items to drop.

I’ve farmed him maybe 30 times and he dropped few customizations but all of it I already had, so I moved to other activities.