Customizable Arena

Tell me more please. What’s it like? What options do you have? Can you make it very challenging?

edit: from the comments so far it sounds like this is effectively our “raid” and it’s apparently very flexible/configurable. Good loot for tough enemies. Great loot for tougher enemies/situation. Sounds awesome! And on top of that, the boss of the DLC is apparently very hard. It would have been nice to see another traditional invincible or two, but this will have to do. I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a secret boss at some point.

edit 2: I beat the DLC and I agree. The boss is very hard. Level 35 claptrap vs level 37 boss. Feels like a raid. I’ll have to try other characters to see just how hard.

Continuing the discussion from New dlc is amazing thanks 2k aus and gearbox:

It can be an utter NIGHTMARE.
In the arena, you select 3 things: Difficulty, your Buff and your Debuff.
Difficulty ranges from cupcake to a full 9 slices of cake. 9 slices is ■■■■■■■ hard. Harder difficulty=MUCH better loot.

You can select 1 buff and/or debuff or you can just have regular rules and guns.
Buffs include greater slam damage, stronger Torgue weapons, stronger snipers and railguns and increased DoT damage depending on how many different DoT’s an enemy has.

Debuffs include greatly increased magazine at the cost of greatly reduced reload speed, corrosive damage whenever you are on the ground (kind of like “the floor is lava”) and the dreaded Vampire mode from the Underdome, only MUCH WORSE.
Once ready, you pay and enter the arena. If you die, you can restart to play again, but requires you to pay again.

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you can make it very challenging. I think it is the most difficult thing for me in any borderlands game so far at higher difficulties. it’s only 3 waves too so it doesn’t get super boring super quick. and the options are many and varied from taking constant damage, but getting health back on kills to having life steal in vampire mode to doing more damage by moving faster

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Sounds like we got some of the underdome back! Hurray! The biggest problems with the underdome were: no xp gained and barely any loot. And thirdly the length for the “badass” version was way too long.

Yea i played at level 6 and all the enemies were hitting very hard and two shot me. I cant imagine what its like at level 10. I couldn’t even beat at level 6. But i only tried a few times. Its got things like gravity is halved, arena is in a state of vacuum, enemies take more damage from elemental status effect based on the number of types of active status effects afflicting them. Also bonus to elemental effect chance, deal bonus critical hit damage with pistols. Thats just a few examples. And it tells you you can earn legendaries from doing the arena. But you have the best chance at the highest difficulty.

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I’ve only just started the DLC and I haven’t run into the arena, I’m guess that it’s post main mission completion?

What’s the XP like in UVHM if you make the arena harder? I’m looking for ways to speed up going from 63 - 70 with my Athena and I’m getting really sick of fighting the raid Sent and Iwiajajnejaneja 10000x per level.

I think that when I go from 50 to 70, I’ll just count on having to do all the missions in story and DLC and then reset the playthrough and do them all again. And if I want to keep playing that character at 70 even longer, I’ll reset his playthrough and play it all again at max level. Probably maintains the most variety. Missions seem to give better xp than enemies.

Or you can go do the first mission of the game (until you meet jack) and then reset your playthrough and do it again ad nauseum.

I would like to hear what the xp is like for the arena too though.

Where is the arena?

i was thinking as well, how the heck will i get from Level 60 to 70 with that DLC? i expected a lot of bosses, to gain xp quicker than in the vanilla game. doesn’t seem like that though.

It is in The Cortex.

i fully intend on resetting each chars playthru. i also stopped playing my lvl 60s as soon as they hit 60 and held off on any remaining missions so i can get exp. so with each im gonna finish their “current” UVHM then likely reset. want that lvl 70 gear/rewards. the best exp is from missions without a doubt. done right i can get from 50-60 in less than one playthru of UVHM without “farming bosses for exp”


how is it done right? please explain.

i never managed to get from 50-60 in one UVHM playthrough without farming bosses. with all sidemissions done on Aurelia i was still at Level 58. and two levels are a loooooot, if you got no quests left.

and no, i don’t rush Areas. i kill every red dot i see, enemies just barely give any xp.

i won’t even imagine the grind to 70…

Xp is really good for the arena. Plus the dlc has a handful of new bosses to grind. Plus theres tons of enemies to kill. The whole dlc is great for xp.

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I love killing denial subroutine, the fact it always drops a glitch gun is awesome.

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Nice didnt know he always dropped one. Im going to have to farm him

Every time I’ve killed him I’ve gotten a glitch gun + the red chest so its a good farm spot.

I’ve yet to get a legendary from him or Eclipse/Eos aside from the one you get the first time you kill him.

Theres about 5 bosses. Im assuming they all have a unique drop. Im going to start farming later tonight and I’ll post any info i find. I wanna figure how to get all the new legendaries

there are certain missions that give A LOT of xp. save those for 55+ cuz as you lvl up the xp reward increases. prime example is the exp-loader mission which gives around 80,000xp at 57±. i do low exp reward missions as i get them and save the high exp reward missions for 55+, missions that give 20,000 i save.


i found 3 legendarys in those chests, including a new orange shield which talks and is similar to the reogenator.

I tried it at 10 with nisha and just couldn’t do it. (granted I was very tired) It took too long to kill any one enemy and they were one and two shotting me soooo it’s going to take some work for me.