Customizable weapons! (for real!)

Suggestions so far (Please add!):

  • Give eridium an actual endgame use and make upgrading cost increase with level, possibly up to 1000 e.

  • limit possible times a weapon can be upgraded, forcing players to choose wisely. Maybe 2 or 3 times max depending on number of parts.

  • parts can be swapped from guns, but destroys the gun the part is from, forcing players to grind multiple guns to make a better one.

  • to increase difficulty, maybe only parts from very similar guns can be used to upgrade another gun, such as masher parts for mashers, no other pistol.

Alternate ideas:

  • instead of upgraded, add a reroll feature to parts (not my idea, will definitely give credit if I find the person who suggested it)

  • be capable of leveling up weapons, either by rarity or actual level, for a price.

Idea description:
That’s right. I have wanted this since the very first game, and I have finally made a profile just so I can post this.

Customizable weapons. No, I don’t mean skins or trinkets, I mean the parts that really matter.

Now, have you ever had a gun that you really liked? Everyone has! It’s part of the splendor of this entire series! But, have you ever had one that you just wished there was something… changed? Like a different scope? A bigger mag? Maybe a freakin’ stock on that rifle? Maybe it’s good, just fine, but, you just wish the alternate fire mode to be rocket stabilizers and not an under barrel shotgun?

I’m sure we all have. And so, to find that gun of our dreams, we once more head out into the harsh, merciless borderlands and resort to the grind. That endless. Monotonous. Grind. Always hoping that that one last enemy of the millions you have slain may just be the one to drop that dream gun, but always knowing that no matter how much you hide it from yourself, that with the game having “over a billion guns”, you will never find it.

So, what I have mulled over for the past 10 years (10. YEARS.) is how to make customizable weapons possible. And my idea is this: we know weapons are already divided into parts. So, our issue is how to change them. I say add a machine aboard Sanctuary III that can take a gun we wish to customize, one that must be destroyed to obtain its part, and a form of currency to limit how many parts we can change at a time.

Different parts can cost different amounts of eridium, and can cost different amounts on different guns. So, a scope being changed on a sniper costs more than when changed on a pistol, because scopes are typically more important on snipers than pistols. Or, changing mags will cost more on an RPG than an SMG because carrying more rockets can drastically change an RPG’s usefulness.

To add, parts should only be swappable with parts from the same company. There will be no Vladof mags with Jakobs barrels, or Hyperion gun shields with Atlas tracking bullets.


Don’t dream, it won’t happen. Would kill the replayability if you could just farm the part you need and craft the ultimate min maxed Purple

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I posted this like 1 week after the game got out…and got told this is a looter shooter…choosing your parts is boring…go farm for 40 hours til you get the gun with the parts you want…that is how this game should be played!!!

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I know right. I actually saw exact same idea here ago. It’s every gun-nut’s dream. You can take a full review of each and every parts via weapon information, but you can’t touch a single part. It kills you from inside xD

i like the idea, but obviously it would become relatively easy to get the weapon of our wet dreams…

maybe there could be some difficulties: Like trading XX Legendaries/Eridium/Lots of money to change or reroll one part. This way it would be still a grind to get the weaps and the currencies get a “real” value.

Yeah that’s what i liked and thought too…not just free straight up get every part you want…more like…farm your 8-10 ogre legendary rifles but then dismantle and reform it using the parts YOU want on it with an eridium cost(meaning eridium wil be useful for something after 50)

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i myself would love if you could have a forge type area (you could still loot parts for a piece of gear).

you could get the basic frame (from dismantling high grade gear only, legendary would have the highest chance to drop frames while other parts could be found from anything, these would decrease in quality the lower the gear grade) plus any other parts could also be found by breaking down weapons artifacts mods and shields, specific builds would require you to find a piece of gear with the ability you want on the custom build and get lucky enough while dismantling that to get a custom mod blueprint with the ability you want.

you would in turn use that item (something like we do with skins to learn the ability) the part would then require certain items to build that part found again by dismantling items and would also require that you know the ability (as legendary parts could hold more abilties that would be on a lower tier part), and these custom builds could/would be better than legendary gear (this would be end game content).

that ability could be added to a part that your building with a limit to how many abilities could be put on (say 5 on a legendary parts, 4 for purple parts, 3 blue parts, 2 for green parts and just 1 on white parts) you could then have legendary gear with 5 abilities on every part (if an ability if duplicated on parts that ability would be further enhanced) certain abilities would be locked to certain pieces of gear.

the custom gear would be created at your level and would create a blueprint for you to rebuild it at lower cost (custom gear could also require repairing or replacing over time maybe costing a few parts along with both eridium and cash forcing you to grind for even longer for to keep using the custom gear).

you would still be farming for hours to find the items needed but even longer searching for the abilities and the items needed for those, but you could in the end custom build gear for better character builds.

this will never be an option

It would be damn fun though if the part were actually balanced between each other, and making your own weapon was actually a complex set of choice to your personnal preferences

That’s why there would be a currency to grind for. This would steer your grinding in to the direction of getting the loot you WANT not every other gun in the billion that is in the game.

You’re right! Some parts have great bonuses, while others are lackluster, and so you’d have to find which ones suit you best? Need more accuracy? Better barrel! Did that just increase the recoil? Go try a different stock! It would make guns actually feel unique because you can make them yourself, yet, still need to bring for the currency.

I doubt they’ll do that too cause i’d be opposite to their game model, and it would require to rethink the whole balancing of the game (or at least to “weight” part and force you to male compromises

But if they did it would be god damn pleasant. Making a new build, crafting the gun that feel right for this build …

Their hope is that you’d just keep grinding hopelessly, but that gets boring to some. This would at least give a person a sense of direction in their grinding. Any gun a character could make would also be able to be found from a drop, so there shouldn’t be balance issues or from the game making the gun since, hypothetically, the game should already be capable of generating it randomly.

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My thoughts on it was that the reciever or 'body’s of the gun would be considered a part that could also be replaced, but at a high price, which, depending on the parts attached to that receiver, may make it cheaper to just move them to the new receiver. As for legendaries, I’d think they wouldn’t want us changing or scrapping them as they are ‘legendary’. And for the scrapping itself, you make it sound like there would be a chance to learn a new part with every gun, but my thinking was that a single part could just be replaced with one taken from another gun. The chance mechanic could be a bit of a headache as I might have to scrap dozens of guns just so I could manage to find one particular piece that I could already have on a weapon in my inventory ready to be swapped.

Why? Why not make gun parts raaaaaaaaaare as hell, then make the cost eridium in the 1000 per change, make guns have limited change parts.

There’s ways around it which would make it fun and engaging and be a real end game.

  • Farm for weapon
  • Farm for part
  • Farm for Eridium
  • Get to roll one time on a weapon using eridium and part

Could be so easily done!


Hm. Instead of making the PART rare, they could make the the currency required to exchange parts rare, I think it would be a little less frustrating. Imagine holding the gun with the part you want, just wishing you could RIP IT OFF YOURSELF AND SLAP IT ON. I have been there many a time. But, by adding such a currency (the ‘Gs’ I mentioned or eridium), it’d still limit you on how many changes you can make, but also allow you to make whatever changes you want, making you still choose wisely.

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Why make more currency? We have eridium which is pretty much useless at this point in the game.

Theres so much you could do with this as a mechanic, sad there was no vision in the core team outside “Make BL 2, but slightly worse…”

They could use eridium, but they’ll probably have to change it’s drop rate a bit. I don’t care much for character customization, so I have hundreds of eridium. Maybe the lowest price for a swap could be decently high, say 25e to 50e?

Hundreds? Try sitting on 6000+ after buying everything in the game…

25-50 would be way too low. For a re roll it should sting, like 1000 would be justified in my opinon. It really isn’t hard to get that much spare after a few boss kills

I will admit I’m not that far since I can only play on weekends, so I have yet to reach that much. Maybe the price should increase the higher the level weapon, level 50 weapons costing the thousands you said.