Customized Claptrap Vespa

So honestly I’m not certain where to post this, but I figured this would be a start and someone can redirect me if needed.
A while back i had won a 1980 Vespa P200E in a raffle from a local scooter club. The bike was all matte black and I felt I wanted to change that. I thought for a long time on what to do paint scheme-wise and sat in front of the bike looking head on at it. I looked down for a moment in thought and realized the shirt had my answer. It was an image of clap trap from borderlands (the original) and I knew how I wanted to design my bike. It has taken some time, but here are my current images from everything I have done so far. I have also renamed the bike BR4P-TP or Braptrap since these older bikes are referred to as Brap braps. I hope the images work properly and everyone can take a look at the work I’ve done so far. I still have some plans for the bike and look forward to sharing the finished product


Moved you to Fan Creations, which seems appropriate. Also pinging @Noelle_GBX so she can share with the team. Looking good!


Thank you!

Looks like antenna is missing.

Great work, I would ride.


Hope you carry an oil can.

Seriously, nice job. It took me a few ticks to notice the headlamp.


Heh, OP could get one of those small red metal toolboxes and tie it to the back as a permanent Claptrap repair kit!


That’s great - how’d you make the headlamp blue?

That was done using stained glass paint. It’s a very light coating and doesn’t interfere with the headlight.

This could be arranged lol.

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