Cut one Head two more appear- Hotfix impartiality

Ok so the first thing I want to mention before i get into the crux of the subject is this is all personal views on the game, I do not make this statements in a intentional offensive manner. And most importantly I am someone who both supports and am behind Gearbox with Battleborn a game that I feel took courage and audacity to make in the current gaming industry.
With that said, I want to get into the matter of this games current latest hotfix. With some things I think either were overlooked or things that are still are totally unfair.

  • First I wanna mention something imma call the Isic Galilea dilemma. It seems if you look all over the web similarly to the wave with phoebe and ambra, Galilea was for a fact not opinion overpowered and it was a immediate issue with enjoyability of the game.Gearbox and it’s devs took this general complaint and got to work, and even to boot made some other hotfixes to other characters. Here is where I bring up Isic, this hotfix was mainly started because of Galil and maybe even marquis, yet the hotfix hit him the hardest. Even if Isic was abit strong this has knocked him down in far more ways than it did galil. Galil is still insanely strong, in my opinion ’ STILL TOO STRONG’ as she can still pull off insane dives, insane damage, while moving at ridiculous speeds, her new nickname should be called the spinning top, because she will just not aim and spin dealing insane AOE damage while reducing incoming damage- i honestly want to call a mechanic mod inspection on the soaking of her shield which says only soaks 1k damage but lasts longer than isics or boldurs.
  • Ok I could go on and on with the unfair part of the hotfix, but let’s get into the ineffective part of the hotfix with my main mention of miko. I feel the nerf to miko was completely ineffective to the general well being of both miko players and battleborn competitive play. The Problem with miko wasn’t his ability to survive- THAT WAS GALIL’s PROBLEM- cough cough the problem with miko was his ability to be a walking recall button with no real penalty besides not attacking. With this game where tanks are more deadly than assassins,a support that can hide behind a living wall while providing it massive healing while it dishes out TONS of damage, more than any assassin can burst or even at times collectively burst. Essentially what I am saying is the nerf to his biosynthesis was a complete fail to objectively balance miko while he can perma heal, mix that with some healing mods and a co-op partner healing received gear you are dealing with an insane combo that is requiring 4 or even and entire team to focus down just two players while there are still 3 other players to deal with. This is competitive inept where as this game is extremely more mobile and dynamic than let’s say league or even smite, reducing miko’s speed and survivbility changes much to nothing. It does not stop a insane healing station by your sentry on overgrowth where a toby or marquis can deal insane damage but cannot be manuvered to counter miko’s healing, It does not stop or ease a siege when another team starts to fall behind and cannot push the enemy team back for a comeback because miko is perma healing and inaccessible from a viable sense of flanking. I’ve already made examples in previous posts on what should be done to miko so i won’t make this thread any longer cause jeez it’s long enough
  • Last I want to mention the validity of the hotfix itself… sometimes i look at other characters in game and i go " But why hotfix … WHY!?" when i play el dragon and am creeping around just trying to siphon off any exp i can through buying and creeps being literally unable to fight anyone til perhaps lvl 3 and still insanely weak until getting ultimate… And then the insane powerspike from insta-dying to killing anyone or two people you find while en fuego that insane powertrip. Or Toby who can deny crits simply by turning around, has a massive aoe stun/ slow/ cc that also deals insane damage, while having a great wall that, insane damage, and great mobility I just stroke my beard and go Hmmmmmmm. Galil that can still 2v1 or even 2v3 with ulti easily" i’ve done it" is just so questionable. I won’t even get into my issues with the matchmaking, since im mainly focusing on the hotfix… It was like much needed relief but then it was like… wait is this the general direction we want to go, it’s like plugging up that one hole in a dam, only to eventually case the entire thing to break down. This hotfix has me very questionable and anxious, is this the hero we need but don’t deserve, not giving Devs and gearbox proper recognition for their hard work? Or is this something the community needs to actively enagage on to say thanks… but no thanks you can do better gearbox , to say i want you guys at the top and this … This is not enough to get you there.
    Idk folks
    I have posted way too much already, but it posted what i feel in all pure honesty, no malice or spite. Just the honest desire to see a game that captivated me and something I want to show gamers, the gaming industry can still be a win-win for us and the company that makes it.
    If anyone actually read all this , i applaud them for their courage, and ability to keep focus on a subject for more than 3 minutes… something that is ever disappearing these days Mwhahaha…

Well put. I do agree with a lot of your points, gali is getting another nerf if you did not already know and as for Isic, I never thought he was OP. A tough opponent, yes, but not at all a galilea. As for miko, a good healing miko can shift the odds considerably and yes, at the cost of damage. But that is made up for with him keeping others in to make up for it. It is a great game and I see your point with the dam metaphor. I have high hopes for this game and feel comfortable putting faith into gearbox to keep it managed. Thanks for your opinion and for putting it as you did.