Cut Scenes not Synchronized

Anyone else having cut scenes being synchronized?just found this last night, maybe caused by a faulty fix they rolled out recently?

I haven’t noticed that yet, but now I’ll keep a closer eye on them as I’m playing.

Yep. Was happening in cut scenes yesterday for me as well.

I’m having it happen in my game as well. Not every cut scene but theres a pretty long one in the middle of the game after you beat Troy that is waaaaaay off now with 2 different characters I’ve played. The first time I thought it was a random glitch. But, the same thing just happened with a different character.

For me, it was a cutscene towards the very end, so it was two minutes of watching it like a voice-overed foreign movie. I hope they fixed it soon, it’s been almost two weeks since it happened for me, but I only play weekends.


It’s happened to me from time to time since launch. IIRC I was playing online co-op every time.

Yes. Probably the recent hotfixes broke something. Who knows?