Cut Version in Germany?

Since there is some blood in this game, i want to be sure i’m not getting some ■■■■■■ cut version of this game, before i buy it (on PC)

Any info on this already?

I think you can compare it to BL1 Remaster. If there is any censorship, probably BL3 will have the same level.

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I know someone brought up this topic before, but I can’t find that thread right now - only an old one (2015) on BL1. BL1 was 10 years ago, and what is acceptable seems to have changed a bit since then. BL2 had the gore toned down a bit in the base game; I don’t believe the German version of that was different at all? I’d suspect that @GrzesPL is correct though - the best point of reference would be the BL1 GOTY Remaster.

Still two different games. It’s only one month till release and Gearbox should know and tell, if they have developed a ‘german’ version.

BL1 original was heavily cut in Germany, but that was 10 years ago. 7 years ago, BL2 infamously toned down the gore so they wouldn’t have to make different versions for different markets.

But things have changed a lot over here in Germany since then. There are lots of big games with lots of blood and gore and they’re no longer cut. The Steam version of BL1 (original) was un-cut recently in Germany, and BL1 Enhanced has full gore too. BL3 doesn’t look particularly gory compared to many other games that are released uncut recently, so I’m not really worried about this today.

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In games we can finally show historical signs like Swastikas now, so everything is possible. The fear from the past has been winding down in the last few years, which is why a game like Wolfenstein: Youngblood can exist without censorship (for clarification: I think that the germans shouldn’t fear the cruel past, but we need to confront us with it to never make those mistakes again, but let’s not get too political here).

Also, if you compare some modern games like the last 2 Wolfenstein games, you’ll see that the censorship is basically gone. I cannot guarantee that there won’t be any censorship, but I highly doubt it.

I didn’t even know about Youngblood, I haven’t played any Wolfenstein game since RTCW. This actually surprises me. I don’t think it was about Germans fearing the cruel past–I think Germany is voluntarily facing that past to a great extent–I think it was more about games traditionally being treated much more restrictively than other media, no matter if it’s about gore or swastikas.

It’s an interesting topic in its own right, but what’s important here is that things have changed a lot in recent years concerning cutting games. 10 years ago this kind of gore would have resulted in a ban, today Germany seems to be far less restrictive about games.

True. When it comes to videogames, germany is one of the more well-researched countries. Sure, often enough if anything happens, videogames are to blame, but research about videogames is happening since 2002 and we made great progress since then. And that might also help to lower the rating restrictions overall.

On the game box has now an USK18 logo on it. I hope this means we’ll get same game as anyone else in the world.

But i’d still like to have an official confirmation on that!