Cute (and not so cute)

What are the most - and least - adorable enemies in the game? Just on an aesthetic level.

I can’t be alone in thinking that tubby spiderants and midgets are incredibly sweet? Like, I still kill them and take their stuff quite happily, but they are hilariously cute. (That being said, I’m in love with Krieg, so maybe my taste is peculiar…)

And on the other end of the scale, Juggernauts are just hideous.

And then there’s Claptrap…

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If I have to pick one it would be spiderlings

Ugliest would be god liath

What about him? :blyoohoo:

Can’t have played the Dukino mission without having a soft spot for Skags? Can we?


I would say yes but that would have been before I found his mom.

Tubby Midget for me is probably the cutest.

Then there’s Tubby rakks…hideous.


Skag pups before they go aggro, when they walk around shaking their little butt.

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Well, I adore Claptrap but others I know don’t share this worship. It’s like they find him annoying for some reason! But I wish he was real so I could have him on hand for dancing and assistance with daily tasks. :blleaking:


DUNKY DUNKK DUNNNKKK aaaaaaaaaaaaa085697865079 Dunkino is best, especially when rolling. THE ROLLLINGGGG! dies


I think the cutest enemy would have to be spderants. Mainly tubby and slave. I find they look pretty cool. Ugliest enemy I think is the ultimate badass varkids. Whenever they’re closet to me or I’m right under them I always cringe ornscream XD.

Someone even made a plushy of THE DUNKDUNK MAN


You’ve reminded me that I DESPERATELY need some Borderlands plushes for my collection.

Start a duel against Gaige! That’s the cutest enemy!

Start a duel against Sal… You get the idea! :wink:

I think Stalkers are adorable.

!!! Stalkers are in my nightmares!

For those that have a bug phobia, Varkids take the cake as they get progressively bigger/uglier.

For face-to-face, GOD-liaths are the name in ugly.

Yes, Goliaths in general are horrific! Though the midget versions are quite funny. Any ideas on what they actually are? Is it eridium mutation, or are they a separate species?

I don’t think the game ever comes out and says how they were created. I guess a Goliath and a midget you did the good good.

@hattieinduni Those experiments that Jack was hinting about over the PAS in WXP, perhaps?