Cutie Killer is like Excalibastard ?!?

Only once accross all playthrough ?

I got it in TVHM as a lvl 50 version, but when I did the quest with TK Baha in UVHM at lvl 70 the chest was already opened and empty.

So any way I can have a lvl 70 Cutie Killer ? By grinding ?

I want this gun at level 70 too but as far as I know it’s not a specific reward or specific drop so you’ll have to farm for it. I could be wrong and if so someone please let us know.

What chest are you referring to?

Well the chest from which it originally comes, inside TK Baha’s house when it opens after you save him and his wife. (“sum of all fears” quest in subconscious). That’s where I got my first at lvl 50 when I did the quest on TVHM.

And since I re-did the quest at 70 on UVHM, I thought it was there as well after turning the quest, and the chest was already opened and empty. Which is weird since the room is locked until the quest is completed…

That said if you know another place to get it, I’d like to hear about it.

that is strange, the wiki says it’s a mission reward for “sum of all fears” so it should’ve been there as a reward through each playthrough. Play online with any randos? Someone may have looted it.

It’s not exactly a reward of the mission. You get a generic reward when you turn it in to TK Baha, but then after that the house is open, and if you enter there is the chest inside and the Cutie Killer in that chest.

So since I had one in TVHM at 50 and the chest was empty at 70 on UVHM then I thought maybe it was like Excalibastard, only once at all accross all playthrough.

Otherwise it’s a bug and it sucks since it’s my favorite weapon in the game and I was so eager to use it at 70 :weary: !

this wiki page says it’s unique and can only be acquired once per playthrough:

you’ll have to get it at level 70 with a new toon.

I’m surprised you can’t get it again by just re-setting UVHM. The DLC has some weird loot chests like this one and the two that hold the Heartfull Splodger Laser Blaster in Overlook and MORQ shield in the Nexus.

What system are you playing on? I haven’t unlocked that chest yet at any level, I’m on 360.

If it says “once per playtrough” then it should also be there in UVHM.

Normal is a playthrough, THVM is also, and UVHM is yet a new playthrough…

If it was only once per character it would say :

“It may only be taken once per character, across playthrough modes.”

Like it says for Excalibastard for example.

yea, I typed that at first but thought I was reading it wrong. It should’ve been there. do you play in matchmaking at all? my only thought now is someone looted it while in a session with you. all is not lost, you can just re-set your UVHM playthrough as we’ve found should work.

It’s once per character, not per playthrough.

Ha so it’s like Excalibastard then ? Whoa, had I known I hadn’t done that quest in TVHM :confused: !

I really hate those mechanics… I hope they get rid of that in BL3 really…

can you confirm with info from gearbox? I was thinking it’s like the heartfull splodger and morq shield, once per playthrough. i’m getting conflicting info

How am I supposed to do that? I’m only talking from experience here. Those 2 items are also once per character not per playthrough.

well that does make sense since they are all DLC uniques.

Just ran across this stupid glitch that needs to be fixed.
Clearly supposed to be once to playthrough, Once per character makes no sense. Especially as there is no warning.
Doubt this bug will be fixed though.

Hopefully I can fix my save with a save fixer program.
At least I’ve figured out how to farm the TFTBL rewards I’m entitled to farm.

I couldn’t say if it’s intended or not :pensive: !

Maybe it is intended to be only once per character, like the MORQ, like the Splodger…
Unless a dev comes confirm either way, I have no clue to make sure.

Poor design is still a glitch. Even if for some silly reason it’s intended, not having so much as warning is a glitch.
Just another stupid, stupid mistake made by the devs, in a long line of stupid mistakes,

why wouldn’t it be intended? Pretty sure it was for the Heartfull Splodger and MORQ shields which are also DLC uniques. You can just share it between your toons, whole purpose of the stash.

This DLC is so Glitchy, it feels exactly like the Rose Tinting glitch, the 3go-TP glitch.
Chests not being available is just another glitch and there is no reason at all for these uniques to be once per character other than poor game design which is another glitch.

But yes, I will absolutely sort this particular glitched mess out myself. The other glitched messes in the game I can’t do much about though.