Cutscene does not appear at the center of a 21:9 monitor

Hi gamers with a 21:9 monitor!! Does the cutscene on your monitor appears to be like mine?


In your graphics options disable “FidelityFX sharpening” this will solve your issues. :slight_smile:


I hope this works, going to test it out later today.

Thank you!!

Wait, what? We need to remove a graphic setting to get proper cutscenes?

Gearbox needs to sort this out. Turning off FidelityFX turns the game into a smoothed out mess. I want to be able to watch cutscenes on my ultrawide without turning this off!

I can’t believe this lack of proper ultrawide support in an AAA game in 2019!


This problem is much worse on my 32:9 monitor. It cuts off most of the cutscene.


Yes, it’s horrible. Part of the cutscenes get cut out so you can’t even see everything. It’s like my 21:9 monitor turns into a 4:3 screen.

Also, if you’re playing multiplayer and you have your inventory up when somebody initiates a cut scene, you will get that blue glittery background stuff from the inventory screen covering the whole cutscene.

I don’t understand how this could’ve been missed by the devs. I’ve even seen a dev play the game on an ultrawide. What the actual heck!

Can confirm that I have the same issue on my monitor (asus rog swift pg348q).
Proper fix would be appreciated.

Pixio PX347c confirmed 21:9 issue.
“Fixed” (ridiculously) by disabling FidelityFX Sharpening – at cost.

definitely not ideal but at least the story isn’t hindered with it off, hopefully it will get patched quickly.

Same here^^

Samsung - C49HG90DMU

Gearbox, makes sales for millions and millions of dollars, but can’t afford to make a few posts on their own forums.

To be fair, we’re a minority of players with this issue and there are probably larger problems around (DirectX12 for one) - I’d hope they fix this one in 1-2 patches (optimistically).