Cutscene hard crashing my system

The opening cutscene with the naked guy hanging upside down scratching his butt, hard crashes my xbox everytime the cutscene gets 2 seconds in. I’ve had to re install the game 3 times now in hopes to bypass this game breaking bug. I even replaced the game disc thinking that was the issue, but it’s not. As of right now the game is unplayable.

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Hey I am also having the same issue have you heard anything from the support team and or did the problem resolve itself over time

Hi, I have the same Problem, it seems there is a Problem with the X1X.
This Error occures all of a sudden, it shuts down the System and after the Reboot the System is telling it is overheated. The funny thing is all other Games are running without a flaw, only BL3 is crashing my System.
Because the S Version doesn´t have this Kind of Problems I dowgraded my reasolution in the Systemsettings from 4K to 1080p.
It works but this is really unfortunate and disapointing. I Have the most powerfull console and cannot play the game in 4K without crashing my System.

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Who do we contact to either get this fixed or get a refund because I digitally downloaded mine