Cutscene Skips Gearbox? Please?

Why are there unskippable cutscenes on second playthroughs of this game? Could anyone give me a valid reason why Gearbox are not implementing skippable cutscenes, then. As it is, it drags the game out, is boring to watch, and deters players from multiple playthroughs of the game. I now you might say that Gearbox is prioritizing on other things, but lets be honest, it takes an hour maximum to implement a skippable cutscenes feature on consecutive playthroughs. I get it, they probably spent a lot of time on these cutscenes, and they look pretty good. But we only need to watch them once to appreciate that. Say you want to get 4 characters to level 50. Guess what? Thats actually 4 hours of cutscenes. I timed it. People complained about this in Borderlands 2, yet this game has 4-5 times the amount of cut scene time than that game had. I am loving Borderlands 3 so far, but I feel like this is a feature that should have been implemented at launch. Anyway, what do you guys think?

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i’m just glad we can skip the ending credits, they go on forever. but yeah, i’d be more apt to do multiple play throughs if i didn’t have to watch tyreen suck off lilith’s pretty colors every time i start a game


The part that bothers me most is having to watch Mayas death over and over again. Its SO boring and pointless. That, and Liliths powers getting sucked.

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yeah, i usually get up and make some food after i exit the rampager’s vault, cuz i only needed to see maya die once, and that was enough for me to want to kill Troy more than Tyreen. but it’s just boring now.

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How do you skip the end credits? I have yet to find a way, but would like to know it is possible…

i’m on xbox one, not sure if that factors, but after the 1st playthrough with my main, i just hit B after the first picture of Ava shows up during the credits and they end

Do you know any way to skip the cutscenes. Does leaving the game do anything?

no on cutscenes, there’s no escape on those yet. idk, if leaving the game does anything, i’m too afraid of the cutscene starting from the top to try that.

from what i’ve experienced, if you drop out from someone else’s game while the cutscene is going on, and it finishes by the time you re-join, you can play w/ the host but the audio for the cutscene starts at the beginning and plays until it’s finished or the host travels to another area.


Does that make Unskippable cutscenes the most powerful enemies in Borderlands 3?

definitely the most powerful enemy, i mean you can run from everything with a health bar…but cutscenes have immune with every element you shoot at them

The maya cutscene is the bad*ss unskippable cutscene, while the Lilith is an anointed cutscene.

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