Cutscenes and load screens broken


So whenever I’m in a cutscene or load screen the game does this

Is there a way to fix it?
I tried changing settings but it didn’t work.

(ziofeda) #2

I’ve been having the same issue. By having a look around on another popular forum, I was able to find a thread with a bunch of people having the same problem, and all of them (me included) have an AMD card, specifically either a R9 200 series or a HD 7000 series (I run on a 7970). Is this your case too?

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Yeah I have an AMD card, but it’s a little old tho (FX-4300)

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If you both could file a bug report with the support folks, and include this detail about the video card, it would be appreciated!


(ziofeda) #5

Done! Thank you!

(Roflcopter4433) #6

This also affects r7 cards too.