Cutscenes, Please Allow us to Skip Them

Gearbox, if you are going to make us play through the story three or more times, make cutscenes skippable even on new characters please have seen them all before and we can do without them.


Oh crap, is you Hyperion!?



If you’re on PC, this is technically possible (may have some side effects). Not on console, though.

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indeed on pc its now possible. But not ALL of em. Mainly the DLC opening scenes. and the Sanctuary meet and greet. Cutscenes like Hammerlock on the start of the game or cap Flynt arent skippable even now…

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Yes please. They are great the first few times but being that you have to play through the game 3 times to reach end-game it can get tedious.

Also fix the Ps4 glitch where everytime Maya walks into Marcus’s shop you get the beginning cut scene. Its super annoying to wanna just run some dummy tests and have to sit through it everytime.

“Bamn! It seems to work fine to me…”


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If you complete the “Rock Paper Genocide” series, you never have to see that cut-scene again (until the next character/playthrough). Unless you’re saying that for some obscure reason you continue to get the cut-scene even after turning in the last of those (slag)?

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Yes, it still shows up even after “Rock, Paper, Genocide” quest. Happens with Maya nearly everytime but also had it happen on a Gaige playthrough once.

Im on Ps4 so maybe its just a weird console exclusive glitch?

Maybe Marcus is an evolved A.I. and this is his way to force the ladies to spend more time with him?

Who knows lol? Ultimately just a slightly annoying glitch that being able to skip cutscenes would hopefully remedy.

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Never encountered this on XB1. Your quest log must be a little messed up on those saves.

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Could be. Never have problems with any other characters except Maya and one time with Gaige.

Also happens if another Maya joins my game or if I join another game as Maya.

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