Cutseen bug corrupted my data file

the cutseen corrupted my ps4 data for my characters when i was first enetering bad ass crater now my characters are gone :cry:

Can you restore the save data from the PS cloud sync system?

im checking to see right now

my lvl 80 op 10 gunzerker is gone it was my main

Do you get any kind of error message when trying to load the save in the Character Select menu, or has it completely vanished? Any sign of the character if you navigate to the folder containing your BL2 save files?

its gone no sign of the file i tried reinstalling it fromt he cloud but i got my other characters back except my main

Then I am sorry, but there’s no way to get that back. All you can really do is file a bug report so that the developer team are aware of the issue.

You may wish to make your own separate backup of your other files on an external drive or USB key. If you do, make sure you include the profile.bin file as well, since this contains your heads, skins, keys, BAR, etc.