Cutsman Vs Loaders

Has the cuts-man always been able to instantly kill Loaders by dismantling them? I recently found myself near instantly killing Petunia (Freddie’s AI Companion) whom is extremely tanky with a cutsman.

Is this a normal interaction that I’ve been missing or some kind of recently stealth fix.

Yes the cutsman is the highest damage smg in the game.
Especially effective against large hitboxes but it basically melts through anything.

The thing is, it’s not the damage. I’ve killed Dandelion while it still have a near full health bar. It literally kills them by dismemberment.

I think it’s because it’s a Megaman reference and Cutsman regularly cut up robots.


Any gun can shoot of loaders arms and legs by doing damage to that specific part but they only die if their health goes to 0.

You’re not understanding what I am saying. Any gun can shoot off limbs but on Mayhem 4 they have a higher damage threshold.

The cutsman is almost instantly taking the limbs off of Named/Boss bots. Meaning on M4 you can kill Dandelian in the blink of an eye. One burst can cut them in half and take off both arms if aimed properly.

Go try it right now. Take a Cutsman, Wedding Invitation, Monocole & Unforgiven and see which one kills Dandelian faster. It’s not about the damage, I’ve added a video to my original post just in case you can’t test it for yourself.

The Fun Detector stirs…

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Yes its normal this is why its a meta weapon try mobbing with a brainstormer its epic.

Thats because of the insane high damage

Edit: saw your video and i get what you are saying, but i still think its just because of how the guns projectiles work. And you did some damage before swapping to the cutsman. I dont know of a hidden easteregg, and if there is one, i’ll eat my words ^^

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Cough rockman …

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