Cutsmans, Crossroads, and Calls for trade!

Looking to trade!
Trade items:
Incindiary Cutsman
Shock Cutsman
Caustic Cutsman
Incindiary Crossroad
Shock Crossroad
Caustic Crossroad
Incindiary King’s Call
Caustic Queen’s Call

Will take anything decent but looking for:
Cryo Vanisher
Cryo Crossroad (with 1.X zoom)
Shockerator Class Mod (Good rolls, No Best Served Cold)
Deathless Class Mod (Good rolls, +3 Desperate Measures)

Gamertag: tRiicksters

I’ve got a MIRV Hex. I’d like to try a Kings Call if you want to trade. My GT is Kernel Lynch

I’d like to take a look at that Queen’s Call? I got. Few items you might wanna take a look at!
GT- MoneyMose

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The Queen’s Call is a normal one. It does have a 1.5 zoom but other than that basic.

No worries, I can send you pictures of what I have? Might have a MIRV Hex, anything else you want?

I super want the stuff I listed, namely the Melee Annointed Cryo Vanisher and the well rolles Shockerater COM.

Not actually fiending Crossroads atm. Got plenty. Though if you have a cryo one with a 1.5 sight I may be interested.

I don’t… Closest I have is this:

Ah no thanks. But I am interested in any elemental MIRV Hexes.

Are any of your cutsmans and crossroads anointed? I have a gunner anointed shock mirv-tacular hex

No sadly

Any high roll anointments?

Let me check


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No worries my friend actually just helped me test it you’re right LOL BL2 flashbacks

I’ll invite you. What’s your gt?

GT is RuneSlayer4421

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Okay F/R sent I’m tRiicksters