Cwboysfan Avoid playing with this guy super toxic

I don’t mind trash talk at all telling someone your bad or anything is fine but this guy messages me after I soloed the final boss for the last mission after everyone else died and my internet cut out before I bet him thankfully my clone killed him so it counted but he messages me multiple times to kill myself that is just way to un called for so if you see him I would block him or not play with such a horrible person.

Was he messaging you during the boss fight? If so he probably meant kill yourself in-game because he didn’t think you could solo the boss lol, I find his lack of faith disturbing. If not, then he’s just a ■■■■■ and he’s probably jelly that he died and you killed the boss :stuck_out_tongue:

No he meant irl kill myself he said it numerous times when messaging him back yeah he was ungratefull I killed the boss thanks to a clone glitch I was able to kill him while being dead with everyone else he should be happy I manage to beat it for us since we ran out of lives. He was just a dbag.

In that case cheers for alerting the community, I’ll be sure to mute and block that clown if I encounter him.